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Five Not-So-Obvious Tips for Staying Young

Updated on November 28, 2018
JEscallierKato profile image

Jeaninne Escallier Kato is a retired educator, published writer, and an active citizen of the world.

Having Fun is the Key Ingredient!

I’ve never been one to think about age. I think about ways to maintain my energy, but I don’t worry about my age, which happens to be 64 in human years. People often ask me what keeps me so vibrant and youthful. Actually, the answers are quite simple; and, they pertain to both sexes, even though I happen to be a female. We often think of the obvious ways to defeat the aging process like health and exercise, which are most definitely at the top of my list; but surprisingly, there are many fun ways to retain that energetic, youthful glow. I am excited to share my top five favorites!

Have Fun with Your Style and Appearance: Never dress to match exact current trends. I am addicted to the 70’s fashions of my youth, but I have found a way to honor that look without looking absurd. Pick your favorite era, then change it up a bit to fit a more current, hipper look. For example, I still wear hip-hugger jeans with leather belts and boots, but I wear a more in-style top and jacket. My hair is still long, but I keep it healthy, trimmed and off of my face. Silver and turquoise jewelry says, “Cool, but not adolescent.” Keep your style from being a costume, but wear your look with confidence.

Laugh Every Day: If you can’t find a reason to laugh every day, take a comedy class. Every town has a theater group. I was in my 50’s when I took a comedy class with people of all ages. I couldn’t wait for each Monday night to roll around, so I could laugh until I couldn’t breathe. Volunteer with children and/or animals. Many of my middle-aged friends volunteer in the elementary schools. I taught in the public schools for 36 years and never missed a day without laughing. Children and adolescents are funny. Animal rescue work is also extremely fun and edifying. There is always that one cat or dog that tugs at your funny bone.

Hang out with Younger People: Most of my friends are twenty years my junior because I adhere to my own advice. I dress like an elegant hippie, I love to laugh, and I am physically and mentally active. I met most of my younger friends in my career as a teacher and through my gym and writing classes. Get involved with groups of people who love to do things! Hopefully, you can find a group of all ages that matches your passions.

Visit Cultural Centers and Art Galleries: I am passionate about culture. I can get lost in museums and galleries. Wherever I travel, and even in my own town, I find exhibits that keep me abreast of socially relevant movements. Yes, you can stay informed on your phone and computer, but being out and about exposes you to other people’s points of view up close and personal. And, the walking is great exercise. Who knows, you may even meet your soulmate.

Travel Alone: The excitement of not knowing what each day will bring on the road is exhilarating. I still have friends from solo trips taken 45 years ago. So many interesting people and experiences keep you feeling alive and energetic, not to mention acquiring new knowledge and perspectives. A mind that is always open is a mind that never ages.

I live by these tips and I have never felt younger.


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