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Five Ways to Pamper Yourself

Updated on July 23, 2015

Do you often feel sluggish? Perhaps it’s that time to pamper yourself with an activity. Stress isn’t good for anyone. You deserve to have playtime your own way. That’s why there are vacations for people to enjoy, and you should have a hobby that will keep you relaxed and focused.

Relax in a bubble bath or spa

There’s nothing like taking a dip into a bubble bath or spa, especially after a hard day’s work. And there are several ways to make it long and relaxing. Use some soap or your shampoo to build those fragrant suds to sink in. Let some soothing music play in the foreground, and you’ll dream you’re at a tropical island. Another secret for a good bath is that there should be no distractions. Try to bathe when there’s no one else at home with you. Silence all the phones. Let this be your time to relax.

A spa like this one is inviting, especially after a long day at work.
A spa like this one is inviting, especially after a long day at work.

Go on a vacation

If you long for a vacation far away from home, it’s time to make plans. After you get permission to take a week or two off from work, it’s now up to you about where you want to go, and what to do. Select a hot spot you’ve been dreaming about, and take advantage of any special packages. Vacation packages often include not only travel and lodging discounts, but also spa services, cruises, fine dining, and so much more.

As for destinations, pick a spot that will make you feel good. They can be warm and sunny, like Hawaii, the Bahamas, or Jamaica. Wherever you plan to visit, remember that vacations are meant for happiness and being stress free. Do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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Vacationers relaxing by a pool in the Bahamas.
Vacationers relaxing by a pool in the Bahamas.

Do a hobby

Of course, doing what you love to do is another way to pamper yourself. Drawing pictures is an excellent way to pass time, and it definitely expresses your ability as a gifted artist. If you know someone who’s ill, make a greeting card instead of purchasing one. Another common hobby is reading, and you can read some of your favorite books for some entertainment. Hobbies make people feel good; you should be blessed to have one yourself.

Hobbies, such as painting, can be relaxing and rewarding.  They help keep your mind off of stress.
Hobbies, such as painting, can be relaxing and rewarding. They help keep your mind off of stress.


There’s nothing wrong with taking a nap once in a while, since it relaxes your body. If you have been feeling a bit “down,” you probably need to spend more hours sleeping. Consider going to bed early; eat a light, healthy snack at night to help you get started. Taking afternoon naps is quite universal for anyone, and you should make yourself comfortable doing so. Napping outdoors in the sunshine is definitely a treat; find a safe, quiet spot to put a hammock up, and rest with birds chirping a sweet melody.

A woman resting on her bed.
A woman resting on her bed.

How to Relax: Relaxation Techniques

Spend time with your family

Spending quality time with your loved ones is important. This shows your love, and you long to be with them. Plan a day with your family at the best convenient time possible. You can go to a movie, stroll through a park, make a picnic, skim through photo albums – anything you and your family will find pleasure doing.

A father and his kids enjoying the sunshine in a park.
A father and his kids enjoying the sunshine in a park.

You can come up with anything to pamper yourself, and have a healthy life. Happiness is good for your body, and you can live longer doing things like spending quality time with your hobbies, spas, and your family. Find something that you like to do and forget about the troubles you may have.

YouTube video credit: Autumn Asphodel


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