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Florida’s Organized Discrimination Against Sick and Autistic Children; Death to Tyranny

Updated on August 10, 2014

Me, My Son and Republican Governor Rick Scott


Mary Beth Vicker's Discrimination

With a heavy heart and a broke spirit it pains me to report that the continued discrimination against medically fragile children in the state of Florida goes all the way from the very bottom of Children’s Medical Services to the top which is the State Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong. Of course I always here them blame and curse Rick Scott but the real question is why would Rick Scott employ so many people in the Florida Department of Health who fail to provide services to medically complex and Autistic children?

Funny, I thought Rick Scott was going to sell the state jet and yet he vacations in Spain and doesn’t have a cent left over for the truly medical needy children of Florida. I voted for Rick Scott because he was suppose to limit government spending but instead her has employed more people in the Florida Department of Health to the point no money is left over to actually serve the medically needy. And he complains about Obamacare? Wow!!! There are so many parallels to Charlie Christ and Rick Scott it is unbelievable.

But the over employed Florida Department of Health doesn’t fall on Rick Scott’s shoulders alone but that of the Director of Children’s Medical Services which should be renamed “We wouldn’t spend any time or a dime on a sick child because it might cost us our fat lazy jobs!!” Ms. Mary Beth Vickers who is a nurse from Lakeland is the Director and champion of that slogan. Ms. Vickers is also so disinterested in helping the truly medically needy children of Florida but instead covering up for her employees inadequacies and neglect of children in the state of Florida. Ms. Vickers, yet another bureaucrat, who thinks she is too good to do a fair days work is not solely to blame.

Dr. John Armstrong

Dr. John Armstrong

Dr John Armstrong could order Mary Beth Vickers fulfill her job description as director of CMS in order to provide for medically fragile autistic children. I recognize he has a demanding job but I would submit his job would be far less demanding if his subordinates fulfilled their obligations to the state of Florida. Please call and encourage Dr. John Armstrong to demand Mary Beth Vickers to fulfill her obligation to the children of the state of Florida who are both medically complex and autistic. He can be reached at 1-850-245-4210. Keep calling you will eventually get through.

While I have no evidence of Dr. Armstrong having any affiliation with the military or intelligence, it is not unusual for the Secretary of Health for the state of Florida to be affiliated. Before Dr. Armstrong who is a trauma surgeon was Dr./Admiral John Agwunobi who now is employed at Walmart. The problem with the Florida Department of Health is they have a leaky general fund in which they divert funds to that always end up in military and intelligence funding. To be a Floridian is to have basic social and medical services stolen in order to pay for military operations. We all know about it and yet it has been a decade and yet DC is completely happy to slap Florida with every bill for the country. No more and no thank you.

Sadly, Dr. John Armstrong will not pick up the telephone to help my son who is medically fragile with Autism who has been denied services for over a decade. This is not an opinion this is a finding out of the Florida Department of Health Inspector General's Office and Dr. Armstrong will not help my son. It is very sad and very pathetic.

Why Not Have Quality of Life For All Floridians Including the Disabled?

Death to Tyranny

So my son is a veteran before he is even able to be a man. As Floridians we are all forced to live under military operations and without the benefits of veterans benefits. This is not only hidden but it is illegal. Floridians are all grunts who are ignored for Russians, Czech, Vietnam, Italy and France. And the children who are entitled to those Medical Services will never receive them because Dr. Armstrong and Mary Beth Vickers are heartless, soulless bureaucrats who are lazy, inhumane, immoral and corrupt. Their only concern is doing the very least every single day of their lives and receiving the most credit and pay at the sick children’s expense and the taxpayers expenses. As for my son FDOH has already found itself guilty of discriminating against my child. The problem now is that it has continued for over a decade. They have not changed but continued to act exactly as they have against the medically fragile children of Florida and the disabled of Florida.

The winds of change are blowing from the janitor in the local school to the Presidency. Anyone working for government who can’t be serves needs to get the hell out of government. Right now that seems to be everyone including Democrats and Republicans. Death to Tyranny!!

Rick Scott's Role On The APD Waiver

About a year and a half ago, me, Alex and Governor Rick Scott.
About a year and a half ago, me, Alex and Governor Rick Scott. | Source

Medwaiver List Cleared For Political Reasons Only-No Services Attached

Now it is a disgusting shame but I have sources inside the government who have informed me that Rick Scott clearing the 23,000 children off the Medwaiver list is a cheap theatrical political trick. While those children are off the list I have an unnamed source who has informed me the services the parents have requested have not been approved and the denial letter will only be sent out after the election because Rick Scott is hoping to collect political points off clearing the Medwaiver list but not actually providing any services to the developmentally disabled in the state of Florida. this is horrifically cruel. There are senior citizens caring for adults with disabilities who desperately need respite care and they are going to be denied But only after the election so my source informs me.

First, I believe this to be a violation of due process of law as if you do not receive a denial letter in a timely fashion you can not appeal.

Second, the MMA plans do not have provider networks and therefore a child on Medicaid who has no access to a provider also has not access to healthcare. This is a cute little trick as well to fund MMA and then fail to have adequate provider pools. No doctor to go to therefore no bill for the state to pay. What is interesting is that MMA assigns children to provider networks and whether that child is seen or not and in the case of my son not because there are no doctors here so the insurance companies are accepting payment knowing that the patient has no access. Wow!!!!

Third, as many of you know I have been embroiled in advocacy to get my son moved to an area where there are emergency services for him, specialists care and therapies. My son became quit ill this past month and I had to transport him an hour North to the closest hospital that can treat him in an emergency. I can't tell you how frightening that is and then to have him sent home and care for him all by myself was even more frightening. I would still like to get him to a place where he can have access to services.

Below is a petition I am circulating to do just that. It includes a lot more fact and details about the case. Please read, sign and share!!! Thank you so much and take heed at what is happening in Florida as it is horribly abusive to the entire disabled population. If you do not live in Florida beware this program will becoming to your state next because they will sell this as the next best healthcare solution since sliced bread!!


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Thanks Graham,

      I think Mary Beth Vickers and Dr. Armstrong have a great deal to answer for as well as Rick Scott.

      I amd my son appreciate your support. How politically disasterous for both of these individuals to do this. How short sided must they be to realize their actions, like the rest of us, have consequences.

      Thank You and We Fight for A More Human America.


    • sbma-kennedys profile image


      6 years ago from North West England.

      I am shocked to read your story. I wish you well in your fight for improvements in the system. I wish you and your boy all the best in your campaign of which should be justly proud.

      Voted up.


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      So beautiful to hear from you. You are the only brave soul who has the heart to respond. Sadly, Florida and both parties are content with breaking the backs of the disabled to give more to the wealthy. I am in between interent providers so I only check in once a week but I will follow your work as I am certain it is as profound as anything I could write.

      Thank you for reading and responding with such passion.


    • girlpower profile image


      6 years ago from eugene oregon

      wow what a powerful hub and story, you have touched only the surface, how all over America people with disabilities are forgotten, benefits reduced and their treatment is deplorable. Right on, you go sister, you speak the truth and have the nerve to say it. You are the best mother your son could have had, in face they say we all choose who are mothers and fathers will be, as we as angels are asked to be born and to the people who can love us the best. Your son should be proud of you. I started working with disabilities thirty five years ago and helped Oregon take disabled adults out of living hell in Fairview a now closed institution. They were promised a lifetime of benefits and every year they get more taken away. Yes it is all about greed, stupidity and agencies being driven by inept directors. I hope you get the attention you deserve and yes now that i am retired, ironically with MS i am now disabled and am a rare find, a person who was not disabled, working with disabled and now disabled, i retired at 53 and had the time to write three novels, and recently got published on smashwords e book publishing, i see my MS as being a good thing as i can resume my writing and enjoy the home i bought, but was rarely home to enjoy. I will call that Dr. and keep trying, its a wonder what speaker phone can accomplish and how many times i can call. I also email my reps in Oregon and nationally, the squeaky wheel gets the oil. I will follow your hubs and read more of the ones listed which i think are all by you or some anyway. Please read my article about hate crimes and people with disabilities finally being added, and a short story "God lives in a nursing home in WI" I hope to read more about you. You deserve the attention on this, keep me posted i can send emails too. To the good fight girlpower in Oregon


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