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Fun Ways to Pamper Yourself

Updated on March 26, 2013
Swimming in the ocean is not only fun but liberating!
Swimming in the ocean is not only fun but liberating! | Source


Have you ever felt like you just don't take enough time each day to pamper yourself?

We are all busy. Everyone is busy with work, school, kids, and other day to day responsibilities. Those responsibilities can cause stress and fatigue. That is why it is so important that you set aside some time everyday to pamper yourself.

Pampering yourself can include anything from taking a hot bubble bath to listening to your favorite music. It could be a walk in the park or as simple as taking a few minutes to laugh at funny pictures on Pinterest.

In this article I am going to post a few things you can do in order to relax each day. Some things you might only be able to afford once a month or perhaps you can afford them more often. That is why it is up to you to decide what is best for your budget. There are many fun ways to pamper yourself that are inexpensive and free. However, do not rule out the possibility of spending a little bit of money on yourself or even saving for a wonderful trip to the spa or massage therapist!

The #1 point that you should tell yourself is this: "I DESERVE IT!"

#1 - Stretching and Exercise

Stretching and exercising are essential and must be done every day. This does not mean you need to go crazy 7 days a week. Some days will be only stretch days or a simple walk around the block. It is important to keep moving and to take the time to get up from your working space and get some fresh air.

Walking, jogging, weight lifting, yoga, sports, swimming, dancing, etc. The list goes on. What do you enjoy? It is key to choose something that relaxes you and helps you to smile. Some people might not consider exercise to be pampering but the simple fact is this: Exercise helps you feel better and enhances your productivity. It makes you happier.

Find opportunities to be outside when you exercise. Hikes can be so beneficial and help you to be more in touch with yourself and with nature. Try to leave your cell phone in the car or at home and just take the time to be with yourself or to enjoy the company of a friend or family member. There can also be times when exercising is fun with electronics such as listing to your favorite songs while walking or playing a dance game on the XBox or Wii.

Another idea is a good yoga DVD or to take a class at your local gym.

#2 - Massage (Professional and Self)

Budget in each month or each paycheck to get a professional massage. It is well worth the investment. Many places offer special deals for getting a one hour massage once a month for as low as $40. Also, if you are very strap for money some places offer 1/2 hour massages or even chair massages can be done at your local mall for 10 or 20 minutes.

The choice is yours! Currently, I am able to afford an hour massage once a month and then maybe a 10 minute chair massage as well. Place it in your budget and if you have a hard time affording it then save up. Put the money aside in an envelope. (You will thank yourself later!)

If you are looking for a free and instant massage then there are actual books you can rent from the library or buy at your local bookstore on self massage. Self massage is great and I personally love to do it when I am laying down in bed or in the shower. No one knows your body like you do so giving yourself a self massage is a great way to relieve tension.

The last option is to have a friend, lover, or family member give you a massage. You can even make it a tradition once a week or even every day before bedtime. Massages are fun and they will help you feel better and release all that stress and tension!

Chocolate Lava Cake and Creme Brule at Flemming's!  Yum!
Chocolate Lava Cake and Creme Brule at Flemming's! Yum! | Source
Some cocktails and fine wine!
Some cocktails and fine wine! | Source

#3 - Fine Dining and Desserts

Spending $50-150 on a meal every once in a while will not kill you. Eating at a fine dining restaurant for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion can turn that day into a very memorable one. Google "fine dining" with the name of your town to find out the best restaurants. Read the reviews online and do your research.

Personally, I love the restaurant called Fleming's. They have excellent seafood and steaks plus their chocolate lava cake is to die for. Pamper yourself and your loved one to a good meal like that and don't worry about what you are spending because it's okay to splurge every once in a while. Of course, it's also okay to splurge everyday if you have the means!

Another option is a special dessert or snack to give yourself everyday. An example is dark chocolate. It is so healthy for you because it is full of antioxidants and also assists with your mood. Those few reasons alone are great excuses to eat a serving of dark chocolate every day. Also, it is perfectly okay to splurge with other desserts and foods that might not be as healthy. The important thing is moderation. When you eat healthy foods most of the time, it does not hurt to have that favorite piece of pie or bowl of ice cream!

Positive Music for the Go!

#4 - Listen to Your Favorite Music

Music is extremely healing for the soul and great for the mood. Pamper yourself by purchasing an iPod or CD player and then treat yourself to some new downloads each week or an album or two each month. Personally, I reward myself with at least 1-2 new CDs per month plus a couple of downloads. Who is your favorite artist? What are you favorite songs? Put everything together and make a playlist. You will be glad you did.

Try to find music that has a positive message behind it or helps you to feel more confident and sexy. Also, find some music to help you relax. Personally, when I am ready to relax for the evening I like to enjoy the solo piano music of Thanatip Viturawong and his album Origami which features sweeping melodies that go up and down the keyboard. Other times I love pop and dance music such as Kelly Rowland, Britney Spears, and David Archuleta. Find all the different types of music you like. This year I have discovered a great love for dance and electronic music. My new favorite artist is Zedd. I listen to him when exercise. When I want to dance I listen to hip hop and rap.

Low on money? Download free programs on your computer, phone, etc. such as Spotify or Pandora for unlimited free listening to your favorite songs! (You just have to listen to a few commercials along the way.)

Here I am having a blast at the Magical World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL!  (Oct. 2012)
Here I am having a blast at the Magical World of Harry Potter in Orlando, FL! (Oct. 2012) | Source

#5 - Vacation

It seems like people have less and less time for vacation than they used to. I am a firm believer in vacation and the importance of getting away for a little while. Many people use excuses to not take vacations but when it comes to your health and well being you have to tell yourself: "I DESERVE IT!".

I love the idea of saving up for a vacation or short trip. It's all up to you where you want to go and for how long. Some of the most relaxing places can be trips to the beach, camping in the woods, concerts and sports games, theme parks, etc. If you are on a strict budget, then make your money work for you and come up with some creative things to do locally. Make sure to get away so that you don't feel like you are always in a rut.

Vacation! I would take one every month if I was able to. Love yourself enough to take some time off work and have some fun! Try to pick an area that you can get in tune with nature and take some time for meditation and relaxation.

Vacation Fun!

If you could jump on an airplane and vacation for a week, where would you go?

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Thanks for Stopping By!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have found these ideas helpful. I am very interested to hear about all the ways you like to pamper yourself! Please comment below and I will even consider adding some of your ideas to this hub.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apaticepre it.

    • petertheknight profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Thank you for stopping by! I appreciate it very much. :)

    • Klavdija Frahm profile image


      5 years ago from Slovenia

      Great hubs :) Can't help to not voted up ;)


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