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Funerals, Average Cost Breakdown, and Cremation Costs in Ontario, Canada

Updated on February 18, 2018

Your Wishes

Have you decided and made it clear as to what you want to take place when you die? Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do want a funeral service? Do want your final resting place to be in a cemetery or ashes scattered? This is something we all need to think about and discuss with our loved ones. Recording it somewhere should also be done.

Average Cost

With the cost of everything rising these days, so many people are opting out of having a funeral service. For many it is due to the cost. In Ontario Canada the average funeral costs are anywhere between 5 and 7 thousand dollars. This does not include grave plots, and depending on where you are buried can cost upwards from one thousand to 5 thousand or more. Grave markers and head stones are an addition cost and prices vary quite a bit.

Funeral Cost Breakdown

Funeral Service costs will usually include

  • Embalming
  • A Visitation room for people to come and pay their final respects
  • Funeral Service
  • Graveside ceremony


  • Caskets, Vaults and Urns if cremated 
  • All of the above costs will vary on what is purchased


  • Flowers
  •  Announcements in Newspapers


There are various reasons why people choose cremation over burial. Cremation costs are far less expensive. An inexpensive casket can be purchased for $1000.00 whereas an urn is $150.00. There is no need to purchase a grave plot and ashes can be either kept or scattered. The cremation itself can cost as low as $1600.00 that includes transportation of the deceased, provincial registration, death certificates, basic container for the ashes, coroner’s cremation certificate and taxes.

Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Do not stand at my grave and weep,

I am not there, I do not sleep.

I am in a thousand winds that blow,

I am the softly falling snow.

I am the gentle showers of rain,

I am the fields of ripening grain.

I am in the morning hush,

I am in the graceful rush

Of beautiful birds in circling flight,

I am the starshine of the night.

I am in the flowers that bloom,

I am in a quiet room.

I am in the birds that sing,

I am in each lovely thing.

Do not stand at my grave bereft

I am not there. I have not left.

written in 1932

by Mary Elizabeth Frye

Memorial Services

Memorial services are becoming more popular as the years go on.  For many people that do not have a funeral service there is usually a Memorial Service for them. To remember, share memories, gather to celebrate the person’s life and honor the deceased. Sometimes eulogies will be given.  Memorial Services are held in churches, halls and peoples homes. If someone dies suddenly and has many members that cannot attend a funeral service having a memorial service is a good idea.


Personal Note

When my Dad died he had requested that there not be a funeral for him and he wanted to be cremated. Two months after he died we held a memorial service for him. It was actually quite nice as many family members were able to attend. Everyone brought pictures of my dad and we all sat around telling stories about him. For me, this gave me final closure.

Please note that this hub was written in April of 2011. The actual costs may go up or down depending on many factors.


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    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Nina, I remember when I was about 20 or so and my dad started talking about when he died and how he didn't want a big fuss made ... I walked out of the room because I didn't want to hear anything about dying. Thanks for reading and for your comments.

    • nina64 profile image

      nina64 6 years ago from chicago, Illinois

      This hub gives great advice!!! No one wants to think about death or dying, but we all know that this will happen. I think a memorial service is a great alternative to having a traditional funeral. Not to mention the cost, it makes it somewhat easier for the family emotionally. Voted up.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Lisa, Thanks for your comments.

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      This is a great hub because it touches on something that many just don't think about - the high cost of funerals. It's so important to plan ahead even though it's something that none of us like to think about. A little bit of financial and mental planning goes a long way though for those that are left behind.

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      RH I hope you don't need it anytime soon as well!

      Sharyn and Tina thanks for stopping by and for your comments. Tina I have always loved this poem.

    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 6 years ago from Sweden

      Very good advices, we need to discuss these things even though it doesn’t feel so easy. I love the poem since it is exactly how I feel about graves and dead relatives. They are not there - they are everywhere and most of all in my mind!


    • Sharyn's Slant profile image

      Sharon Smith 6 years ago from Northeast Ohio USA

      This is a great reminder that talking about your personal wishes and writing them down is very important. And it makes it much easier on those that are left behind.

    • RealHousewife profile image

      Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      All good points. I have discussed with my husband and also made arrangements for child care if necessary. Better to be safe than have your loved ones trying to figure these things out when they are grieving.

      I just hope I don't need to use those instructions anytime soon!