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Sleep For the Day!!

Updated on June 7, 2014

Getting Enough Sleep for the Day

Getting Enough Sleep for the Day
Getting Enough Sleep for the Day | Source

Getting Enough Sleep for The Day


I am a writer more now than ever, a struggling one, but I have to be getting enough sleep for the day to write for the next day. We all need at least 7 hours of sleep, some more, some less. I was a photographer and videographer for 9 years and I never got more than 3 hours of sleep, trying to work all day and night. What happened next I do not wish on anyone? To sleep and to not sleep this is what this is about.

I could go all night , I like the night for writing, and playing music, I am very creative at night, I stopped drinking years ago and stopped smoking so I keep my hands busy typing and not choking or throwing up. I also started to not sleep and many have this disorder, mine was being bull headed. I did not sleep because I was wound up on my projects that I truly loved. I would look up at the clock when the sun would come up the next morning and it would be 8 am and not a tired bone in my body. I would force myself to lie down until noon then go right back out to shoot my photography. I was a lost case back then and this was not so long ago.

I ended up hallucinating after about 10 years off those type of sleep pattern and had to be put in a mental hospital and let me tell you that is no good. There are some real nut cases in there and some really smart people as well. The hospital stay is one I try to forget, yet once I was out after 7 days of confinement, I went back to my old habits.

I went back to not sleeping and without drugs or drinking, it happened again, I started to get paranoid and hallucinate , so I tried to beet it, yet one more stay in the hospital, after a couple of times in a psychiatrist ward you get the hint that something is not right with your life, or things need to change , so I did , I started out with the aid of some pills, to sleep at eleven at night till eight am the next day and have kept it this way since then, oh there are some nights I stay up till two am and keep my work going , yet I still go to sleep for at least 8 hours. I was not going to write about this, yet I thought there may be one or two individuals’ like me that do not sleep, or have been there done that type of thing.

I highly recommend to avoid any hospital stays to get a good night’s rest, it really does make a difference, and working for yourself, makes it hard to stop when one is devoted to success,. The success is eating right and sleeping right, and I hope this gets to the right people, because literally it will make you crazy if you do not get sleep. I had a hard time believing it, but take my word for it or read about sleepless nights and you will know the hell you will be putting yourself through. Have a great day and sleep tonight for once.


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