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Gluten Free Diet Tips

Updated on June 7, 2013

Last time I discussed the curious but life-long ailments that led to my gluten-free lifestyle. After over 20 years of general malaise, my osteopath suggested that I try going off all gluten products to see if I might find some relief from my chronic low-grade stomach pains, random flare-ups of severe stomach pain that caused my husband to ask if I needed to go to the emergency room, and joint pain so severe I could no longer grasp my morning coffee mug.

Okay, sure! I was willing to try ANYthing by this point. So, how does one eliminate gluten from his or her diet? This was a new adventure for me as I had never had food allergies (or any other allergies more lethal than hay fever.) Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Focus on what you CAN eat.
  2. Accept that it will take longer to shop for groceries until you get the hang of this new lifestyle. Check out my blog on gluten-free grocery shopping for guidance.
  3. Read labels when you shop for groceries. Gluten is found in a vast array of prepared foods including spice mixes, frozen prepared meals, sauces, many soups and other canned foods.
  4. Realize that some brands of food items contain gluten while others do not. One brand of ketchup may be gluten-free while another contains gluten. Thus, it is not a given that ketchup is gluten-free.
  5. Concentrate your time and effort on whole, real, unprocessed food: Organic eggs, lean cuts of beef, chicken, and seafood, fresh whole vegetables and fruits.
  6. Prepare and pack your own lunches. You will save money, eat healthier, and guarantee that your meals are gluten-free. Try my gluten free asian lettuce wraps. These can be transformed into a savory salad for easy transport and easy eating right from the container!
  7. Ask questions when you are dining out. Better yet, ask for gluten-free options so more restaurants will get on board and offer them regularly.
  8. Enjoy a grain-free lifestyle. Do we really need grains of any kind? More on this in a later post.
  9. Take vitamins. At least a good multivitamin and some extra Vitamin D.
  10. Eat to live rather than live to eat.

I will elaborate on each of the points above in my upcoming posts. Stay tuned!


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