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Positive Possibility Thinking

Updated on October 23, 2018
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Jacqueline Williamson graduated with a BBA in Personnel Admin., an MPA in HR Management and an MS in Education.

All changes start in the mind!
All changes start in the mind!

One Thought Can Make the Difference

Have you ever had the desire to do something really new and different? You decide that you will share this idea with someone and surprisingly what happens? That individual gives you the "thumps down." Oh it may have been done ever so discreetly but still, the point made is perfectly clear ... "If I were you I wouldn't ..."

Life is filled with ambitious people who conceive great ideas only to become despondent by others who are either too lazy or too afraid to venture out. These disillusion specialists discourage others by condemning their notions . One word can make the difference between obtaining your goal and or just sitting on idle. That one word is impossible!

So what do you do?

You take action. Devise a plan for the eradication of a negative environment and the difficulties that are creating distress in your life. Just as in weaning a baby away from the bottle to the cup, there is a systematic process in removing yourself from an unproductive stressful job or lifestyle to a very productive, rewarding job or lifestyle. Again, how do you do it?

Goal Attainment starts within the mind. Observe the Bible story of a woman who was plagued by an issue of blood. You can read about this in the book of Matthew, chapter 9 verses 20-22. You will discover that this woman had a goal in mind; to be healed of her infirmity.

The objective of her goal was to touch Jesus and receive her healing. There was desire, determination, and a willingness to do whatever it took to achieve that goal—total healing. Yes, there were obstacles in her way—namely the crowd that was so close to Jesus that it would seem impossible to reach Him.

If you sit around waiting to hear bad news …guess what? You will hear it!
If you sit around waiting to hear bad news …guess what? You will hear it!

You've Got to Want it Bad Enough ...

Now that we have his attention, this is what you need to do.

The woman could have complained or used as an excuse such as “There is just no way that I can get to him with all these people around him.” But she did not. She purposed in her heart that she wanted this bad enough to do whatever it took to get it—and she succeeded!

This is what is necessary in your situation. You must want an improvement in your life bad enough that you will do what it takes to achieve your goal. You must insure first that your goal is truly attainable. Once you are confident in this belief you can formulate your plan.

Set deadlines for certain aspects of your goal. If you want to lose 10 pounds within a month then divide that up into a 4 week plan. Choose your foods wisely and not haphazardly. Reward yourself on a weekly basis as you move toward your expected end. This same pattern can be used toward getting a new job, remodeling your home or wearing away at your current debt situation. It must be systematically done with periodic rewards.

Now, let us examine another biblical application that can be applied goal attainment. You can find a wealth of information in the Bible that is still relevant. In the book of Luke, Chapter 13 and verses 11, 12 we find yet another woman who got Jesus’ attention. It can be summarized that in order to achieve our goals we need to seek the Master for his assistance or get his attention. And how do we get his attention—through prayer. A sincere prayer will always get Jesus’ attention.

Stop playing the game of "Tug of War" with your possibilities. Experience a couple until you find the right fit!
Stop playing the game of "Tug of War" with your possibilities. Experience a couple until you find the right fit!

Decide Exactly What You Want

The woman with the issue of blood wanted to be well again. The woman with the infirmity also wanted healing. In both cases they sought someone who possessed verifiable qualifications of healing. With this fact firmly in your mind ask yourself ... just what is it you expect God to do for you?

If losing those last 5 pounds seem like an effort—then ask God to assist you in resisting certain foods. This may come in the form of substitution. Instead of reaching for that candy bar try reaching for a piece of fruit instead. Maybe calling a good friend and discussing something completely different will not only get your mind off eating but introduce another aspect of your life that needs your immediate attention.

Here is another example. Does the thought of leaving that well paid job to venture into "self-employment land" seem ominous—then try being self-employed on a part-time basis first. Do your research on being an entrepreneur and network with others who have made the same choice. Put aside small amounts of your salary every payday so that when you make that final decision you have a cushion. And, most important—pray about it! Even thinking back to your childhood; ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What did you enjoy doing the most and what caused you the greatest discomfort?
  2. Did I enjoy playing doctor?
  3. Did I enjoyed being the “teacher”?
  4. Did I generally play by myself or were there always several others around?
  5. Was I the leader in school activities or the tag-along?
  6. Did I lead songs in the choir or did you enjoy singing in the chorus?

Answering these types of questions can give you a glimmer into what you were really “meant” to do and not what others felt you should be doing. That influence came as you got older and wanted to fit in with what was expected of you! There are many hidden writers out there that never allowed themselves the opportunity of exploring their talents. Take time now for reflection.

Stop looking for the "Exit" and make a positive stand to succeed!
Stop looking for the "Exit" and make a positive stand to succeed!

Rediscover Passion about Life

When was the last time you felt enthusiastic about life? Whatever it was that you really wanted to do then, concentrate more on it now. Feel the eagerness and delight you have doing it. Visualize doing it now. Visualization is very important. If you can’t see yourself doing what your want to do, you will never do it. The Wright Brothers kept trying until they achieved flight. You need to be just as determined and see yourself doing just what you know you can do.

You may feel that you are too old to pursuit that particular activity; but just for a moment don’t let age, opportunity, or finances be a hindrance. There are people in their 70s going to college and with the quality of health improving; people are living longer.

There is a whole wide world of possibilities!
There is a whole wide world of possibilities!

Explore your Opportunities.

Maintain a positive attitude that you can actually do this thing whether it’s obtaining a new job, going or finishing college, writing your first bestselling novel or losing 20 pounds; look for opportunities do to this.

If your job is causing you undue stress then create a systematic plan for leaving that undesirable job. When it’s not possible to quit immediately (and many people can’t) then become a part of a network. Ask your relatives and friends if they know of a part-time or temporary job that can “pay the bills” until you are ready to “make the big move.” However, make sure that you are not substituting one undesirable situation for another one. This will completely undermine your goal.

Another crucial move is to develop positive reinforcements to assist you as to move toward your goal. Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is share your expectations with co-workers. Especially, if it is a particular job that you have an interest in applying. Those plans can be halted when used by another. Caution is recommended.

Believe that it is possible to have things your way. There is no reason why you shouldn't be successful in whatever you endeavor to achieve. Going into any assignment with a positive attitude can make all the difference. Remember that your mind is a very strong force. If you have the courage and conviction to pursuit your dreams--then have the belief that you can actually be successful!

Get rid of the archaic thoughts that you are just too old to change. That may be true of an “old dog” but you are definitely NOT an old dog! Human have a strong capacity for adaptation. Situations in life have made us this way. Senior citizens are returning to college, learning to skydive and writing bestselling novels. Just take one step at a time and you will do it. It never hurts to try!

Don’t remain in a situation until it destroys your health--YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

And above all continue to pray and ask God to give you guidance in making the right choice.

Sometimes it takes two ...

When was the last time you included God in your plans?

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© 2013 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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