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Gods way to healthy living: Step 2: Air.

Updated on June 18, 2013

God’s way to healthy living!

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God’s way to healty living: Breath of Air.

The first thing you did after you were born was to gasp and to breathe in life giving air.

We cannot live without air even for a few minutes; but we could live without food for 40 day plus; or a few days without water. So Air or oxygen is more important than protein, carbohydrates or fats to your Body and its function.

God placed Adam inside the garden that He planted, where there is a lot of oxygen from all the plants around him.

Oxygen’s function is the same as air is to a fire.

Air or oxygen is the Invisible Disease fighter and remover of harmful stuff to the human body.

It is proven by the medical profession, that some diseases can only be cured in pure oxygen. Patients are placed within oxygen tanks and kept there for some time and pure oxygen will cure them 100%, with no other medical treatment necessary.

Fresh air will prove far more beneficial to sick persons than medicine.

It is more essential to them than their food.

Fresh air will help them recover sooner and some diseases can be cured by proper air. An example is tuberculosis of the lungs, requires an unusually large amount of fresh air or oxygen, day and night.

How do I get enough air into my Lungs?

Most people have shallow breathing that means less oxygen in the blood.

By practicing deep breathing with a little exercise will help you to a healthier way of living. Lie flat on your back and place your hand on your stomach. As you breathe your hand should rise up and down. Breathe harder till this happens. This shows that the entire lung is working, with emphasis on the lower portion of the lung that is not used.

While sleeping, open up your windows for fresh air, even on a cold winter night, double the blankets.

Keep proper ventilation in your room to help kill diseases that may be breading in a poor ventilated room.

When the room is poorly ventilated you will awake feeling fever-ish or exhausted because your body (blood) suffers lack of oxygen..

The way we breathe can substantially affect how we:

  • Look
  • Feel
  • Resist diseases
  • How long we are going to live
  • Healthy we are going to be

Deep inhilations of pure air filed with oxygen will give you good and healthy blood. Healthy blood enriched with oxygen will purify the body, and will give a life-giving current to every part of the body.

Good respiration will:

  • Sooth the nerves
  • Stimulates appetite
  • Induces sound
  • Helps with sleep
  • And help digestion

Do not!

  • Smoke tobacco
  • Avoid second hand smoking
  • Use a mask when working with wood or dusty materials
  • Never use poisons sprays without a mask
  • Avoid smog
  • Avoid chemicals
  • Avoid cleaning solutions
  • Avoid solvents
  • Avoid wet paint and paint removers
  • Avoid insect sprays
  • Do not breath deodorant or spray it on your body
  • Do not breathe air from air conditioners, lots of diseases can breed in it.

Remember that your skin is also breathing.

Be outdoors as much as possible and look for open natural places with less pollution, away from towns and cities if possible.

The best air is at beaches, oceans, waterfalls, forests and from a thunderstorm.

Have you smelled the air just as it starts to rain, well that is natures way of telling us that the oxygen in the air is now electrically charged to negative ions witch are health-giving.

Air conditioners’ air is not the best air to breathe because it is positively ionized.

Many people suffer with sore throats, lung disorders, sinusitis and liver complaints, brought upon them by their own action.

They breathe the same air over and over again, until it becomes impregnated with poisonous impurities that lead to health loss, disease and even death.

God’s way to healthy living!

Always remember that it is God that gives life. We should always give thanks to Him that gives life for our health. Yes we can do all from our side but we still have to remember that when your soul prosper so will your body Prosper.


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    • LivingFood profile image


      8 years ago

      I did not know this about air conditioners..thanks for sharing!

    • fred allen profile image

      fred allen 

      8 years ago from Myrtle Beach SC

      never really thought about it. Your article makes alot of sense. Thanks!

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      8 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Thanks for some useful tips.

    • profile image

      Susan Strydom 

      8 years ago

      Fantasties God het in verlede week met my gepraat oor dieselfde! Dankie!


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