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Good Anger

Updated on September 27, 2012

Life is a Gift

When is Anger a Good Thing

Heart rate goes up, blood pressure rises, body heats up, lips are tightly quenched, exercising? No, that is the face of anger, a chemical change going on in the body and if it happens often enough one can have a heart attack or stroke.

A young woman and her groom have an argument on their wedding day, she loses her temper, and runs over him with her car, she kills him. A teenage brother and sister have an argument over who gets to use the car they are sharing, he loses his temper and hits her in the head with a rock, she is in a coma for months and is never the same. A woman is driving on the freeway a car cuts in front of her, she chases the person all the way to their home, the home owner gets out of their car and starts shooting, the woman dies at the scene. She was on her way to her daughters graduation.

To many people anger is a sign of strength, because a person has stood their ground, taken a stand, told them off, but if you think about it, it takes no strength at all to lose your temper and fly off the handle, you end up saying things that you can't take back and perhaps doing something that you will regret for the rest of your life, if you don't get killed. If you really think about it, who's controlling who? It's obvious that the one being controlled is the one that has lost their temper. So how strong is that? What are some things that can help you to keep your temper under control.

Here are some Tips:

1. Stay away from people that are prone to anger.

2. When you find yourself getting upset, take a deep breath and go for a walk.

3. Ask yourself if this is something that is worth getting upset about

4. Take an anger management class

5. Ask yourself, (who is in control)?

When is it a good thing to be angry? When you see someone being mistreated, especially a child or a woman or older person. When you see a person that is inconsiderate and unkind to animals or a person that steals from others, or tells lies to use people or someone that callously takes a life, or someone is put in prison and they are innocent or someone that is not put in prison and they are guilty. These are some reasons to get angry but it does not mean that you fly off of the handle. It means you are angry and if there is something that you can rightfully do about it, then do so. If you must protect yourself and your family from criminals so be it. There is no law against protecting yourself, this is a good healthy anger.

Walking around angry all of the time can cause you to die before your time. Being in control of your thoughts and emotions is shows intelligence and common sense. One that just let's it all out is really not very smart at all. Enjoy your life.

Copy The Tiger

The tiger is powerful, but it only uses that power when it is hungry or there is danger to it's cubs or self. When the tiger is well fed and everything is peaceful it will lay in the sun, play with it's family and relax. Be like the tiger, enjoy your family, relax your mind and heart, be at peace, unless there is a real threat.

Like the tiger you have the power to control your actions, you have the ability to reason, the tiger does not. How much intelligence does it take to realize that it is not a wise thing to fly off the handle, when you find yourself ready to react, just let it go and relax.

Enjoy Life



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