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Celebrating Being Cancer Free After a Worrisome Scan

Updated on January 12, 2020
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Linda writes articles on a variety of genre's; poetry, recipes, mental health, health & wellness and personal stories about her life.

One of my many cat scans as a cancer survivor
One of my many cat scans as a cancer survivor

Cat Scan of December of 2010

I have great news to share with all of you, but before I do, I will backtrack to December. As a lung cancer survivor, I went for my yearly cat scan in December of 2010. I wasn't too terribly nervous about this particular scan because I was almost seven years cancer-free at the time. The oncologist told me there was a spot on my right lung which is the lung that had cancer in 2004. I had already experienced two other scans that showed a spot and each time they disappeared by the next cat scan. Although it's always unsettling to get a questionable scan, I wasn't extremely worried about it.

Definition of lung cancer

Definition of lung cancer according to Medical News Today:

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs; usually in the cells that line the air passages. The abnormal cells do not develop into healthy lung tissue, they divide rapidly and form tumors

Scary Results of Cat Scan

In March of 2011, I went back for my follow-up cat scan to find out if the spot was gone. My normally upbeat and laid back oncologist had a serious look on her face. She stated, "Linda, your spot is gone but now you have four new spots and one is pretty big. I fell apart! I found myself blurting out the "F" bomb and broke down crying. I said, "the cancer can't come back, I have a beautiful life and things to finish."

The plan of attack was to come back in June for another follow-up cat scan. The best case scenario would be that either the spots would get smaller or disappear completely, which would mean that the spots weren't cancer.

The past three months have been pretty tough for me. I have to thank my family for their patience, love and understanding during this difficult time. They had to put up with my irritability, anxiousness, moodiness, or as my niece puts it: "Crabbiness."

Lung Cancer Quiz

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Great Results of Follow-Up Scan Results

I had the follow-up cats can Thursday, June 14 and an appointment with my oncologist for the results on Thursday, June 16. I brought my twin sister with me for moral support. I know that Laura needed to be with me as much as I needed her. After introducing my sister to the oncologist, she said, "great news Linda, your cat scan was great and the four spots are gone." Laura and I Hugged, then started Jumping up and down like a couple of kids.

I want to thank all of my friends on HubPages for all the prayers and well-wishes these past few months. Your warm words and positivity was so helpful during this waiting period. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, or should I say from the bottom of my right lung. LOL

God Bless you all and remember that life is a gift.

Hoping this hub finds all of my writer friends Happy and Healthy.

Waiting for Results

Have you ever had to Wait for Worrisome Medical Results

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© 2011 Linda Rogers


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