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Updated on May 13, 2011


Stressed!!!! | Source

My head is a shed!!

I have so many jobs and chores running around in my head that I can not do any of them with 100% commitment. I always said I wanted to live fast , but I kind of meant having sex on the beach on a tropical island and driving down the road on a Goldwing Motorbike. Not sipping luke warm coffee whilst feeding a baby a bottle and typing on line with the other hand.

Ok , so I have never been a domestic goddess, so yeah, my head tends to be elsewhere whilst cleaning and doing errands. But even when I am doing what I want, which sadly enough is writing on line. I am thinking of all those horrible jobs that I wish were not part of my life. I hate doing the ironing, washing and vacuuming.

Don't get me wrong I am a mum of four children and I love every inch of them. But my God they can make some noise. And mess.

I try and do my work on line whilst the oldest are at school. But that only gives me two hours as I have to sort the baby out. Then the half day nursery child comes home, causing havoc. It is not unknown for her to pour any liquids down the sink. Such as all my milk, soft drinks. She puts the dog biscuits in their water. You have got to have eyes in the back of your head and every where else!

Then it suddenly gets to home time for the other two. That is when the major noise kicks off. They start fighting. Wanting stuff. Shouting.

I am fed up of the screaming and noise level in this house. It really is beyond ridiculous how high pitched my middle daughter can get.

Friends knock. Dinner needs sorting. They go to bed time by 7 pm and then I get some peace. Except then the husband wants some time. I end up going to bed at midnight, exhausted and I do not remember exactly what I did all day. All I know is that I did not stop all day.

I get up at 6 am and start all over again. I will have some break in September when the nursery child goes to full time school. But by then the baby will be 12 months old and causing havoc in her place. Oh well, maybe he will be a superstar on his own. And the mid day run will have gone. That breaks up my day too much!!

So between the house,children, dogs, jewellery making, school runs,gardening, and on line work, I really could do with out sleeping. How about you?


What are your worst distractions?

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  • Ddraigcoch profile image

    Emma 6 years ago from UK

    Sunshine that is also me, but my kids don't help. I have also just realized that I blame my distracted mind on my kids and neighbors, when maybe it is just me.

  • Sunshine625 profile image

    Linda Bilyeu 6 years ago from Orlando, FL

    I am my worst distraction which is why I voted for other. I annoy ME because I get so easily distracted by everything and anything. Sort of like a 3 year old, which I'm not. haha! Great hub!!!

  • Jillian Barclay profile image

    Jillian Barclay 6 years ago from California, USA

    I found this so funny, only because my 3 are now grown! You will get through it, but when it is over, you will be insane! You will be a completely different person than when you started out, yet you will love them to death. Then, when you are a grandma, you get rewarded! Really! That makes it all worth it!

  • TinaAtHome profile image

    TinaAtHome 6 years ago from California

    I write the first hour of the day and the last hour of the day. I have 4 kids too and we homeschool.

  • Babbling Diva profile image

    Babbling Diva 6 years ago from U.S.A

    I feel your pain! I think this is the problem with every single stay at home mom. Lately I have been able to put aside 20 minutes to meditate and 40 minutes for yoga. This of course is after my children are fast asleep, but it helps me the following morning to relax, and tune out the noise. I think you should try it =)

  • nighthag profile image

    K.A.E Grove 6 years ago from Australia

    Being a mum of four boys, I can so easily relate to this... Daycare days are a dream of household silence where the computer beckons, but to reach it I have to climb over the mountain of washing waiting to be folded, ignored the piles of dishes on the sink, and hope that my husband stays at work long enough for me to get some writing down before the chaos starts all again... great hub!

  • mulberry1 profile image

    mulberry1 6 years ago

    Oh you have my sympathy! I only have to deal with a spouse, I can't imagine having to work around kids too. I imagine you must be very talented/skilled to even get a single HUB done!

  • Wil C profile image

    Wil C 6 years ago from United States of America

    I totally understand. I have a two year old son running around and grabbing everything. But when he hugs me I forget all the things he wasn't supposed to do.

  • profile image

    mommyloves2write 6 years ago

    You can love your kids and still have them drive you crazy. I have three, I love them to pieces, but I also love when they leave me alone for some quiet time!

  • Ddraigcoch profile image

    Emma 6 years ago from UK

    Thank you so much BBNIX. I have 4 children and they are my world. They just drive me bonkers in this context. I would fight a tiger for my babies x I struggled to conceive, so they are very precious to me.xx And I also appreciate your new friendship. Best part about writing.xx

  • bbnix profile image

    bbnix 6 years ago from Southern California

    We have only one child, now 22, so I really have no point of reference other than I cherish my son more than life itself, so perhaps, and maybe it's tough to think of it when your buried in your task load, but your children will one day be older, your time will be yours once again, and your life will be an incalculable majesty, I'm sure...

    A wonderful, connecting first visit to you, my new friend. I'll do my little part to help make your life more tolerable, I'm sure, as a new follower of yours...

  • Eiddwen profile image

    Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

    A great hub, so very interesting and thanks for shariung.

    Take care