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HGH Facts: Important Facts about HGH

Updated on September 2, 2009

HGH Facts - Introduction

There’s no denying the exploding popularity of HGH and HGH supplements but sometimes it can be hard to tell if you’re getting the straightforward HGH facts or straight up HGH fiction. The following contains some of the cold hard HGH facts and real options for supplementation.

HGH Facts - What does HGH do for you?

The human growth hormone is definitely one of the most important hormones in your body. It is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. Although the known main property of HGH is to increase height, there are other equally important benefits that it provides. This includes increase in muscle mass, calcium retention and bone growth, reduction of fat, control of sugar and insulin levels and improving immunity. All of these have been what kept us healthy, strong and energetic while we were young. 

Unfortunately, the brain naturally starts to decrease HGH production after puberty. As we reach adulthood, the supply of HGH decreases dramatically. Because of this decline, everything we associate with youth also goes to a decline, and aging sets in. It has been known through research that increasing the HGH levels in the body can lead to positive results in terms of slowing down aging. It can increase metabolism, help break down fat, create lean muscles and increase bone density, promote proper functioning of internal organs, increase collagen synthesis for smoother, younger looking skin, improve overall resistance, and even fight cancer. For these reasons and more, HGH is known to be the fountain of youth hormone, although not in the literal sense.

HGH Facts - Can you increase HGH?

Our discussion of HGH facts will now turn to modifying one’s individual levels of HGH. Today, there are now various options for increasing HGH levels in the body. This includes injections, oral sprays or natural herbal HGH releasers. They have varying effectiveness and means of administration. Injections, for example, require thousands of dollars and medical supervision. These injections are typically administered by a medical practitioner about two to three times a day, with each injection amounting to as much as $25.  

HGH releasers and oral sprays are available over the counter, and taken orally. HGH supplements prove to be the best and most affordable option for increasing HGH levels. This is because it is very accessible, and it contains natural ingredients that do not bring about negative side effects. They are made of a combination of herbs which contain amino acids known to enhance the production of HGH in the body. This means that it naturally increases your HGH levels for long term positive results. 

Are HGH supplements for me?

Who should take HGH supplements? Considering the above mentioned HGH facts are three different groups of people that can potentially benefit from HGH supplements. First, if you are over 25 and you want to delay the signs of aging or reverse effect, improve your quality of life, be more youthful, or enhance your sexual life; second, bodybuilders and sportsmen who would like to increase their stamina, strength and flexibility, or hasten the effects of their workouts; and third, those elderly people who have compromised immune system. Those who would like to lose weight can also take HGH supplements, although it is not generally marketed as a weight loss supplement. 

One of the final yet important HGH facts to note though is that taking HGH is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, those who are taking steroids, and those who have been diagnosed with serious conditions such as cancer or diabetes.


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