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HHN Premium Deodorant: Personal Review

Updated on January 2, 2014

Pros And Cons, Product Description, How to use the product, Final Recommendation

Pros: 100 percent natural, no parabens, no aluminum salts
Cons: Active people should choose the premium deodorant with tea tree oil to have longer odor protection

It would not hurt if you will try something organic and natural. What I like about this product: 100 percent free of damaging chemicals plus whitening as well as smoothen benefit of the underarms. Whether you are tired of chemical antiperspirants or you are looking for natural alternative, this is a good choice.

Is the product that I have used 100 percent natural?

I read that it has natural extracts and oil, which can help in whitening and smoothen the underarms. Since it is natural, it won't leave ugly white streaks on clothes unlike the chemical based products and it is definitely biodegradable.

The ingredients: aqua, glycerin, zea mays starch (cornstarch), triethyl citrate (plant derived), stearyl alcohol, Helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil, sodium caprinoyl (vegetable derived), lauroyl lactylate (vegetable derived), fragrance (all natural), glyceryl stearate, glyceryl caprylate (coconut, palm and glycerin derived), xanthan gum, p-anisic acid (anise seed derived)

Why I chose natural and organic deodorant? I have read that some deodorants have chemical antiperspirants, which could clog the pores to prevent sweating. Studies pointed out that these chemical ingredients causes health risks and serious problems in the future. When you begin to read the labels and ingredients of the product, you will learn that parabens are included in thousands of personal care products on the market.

What is exactly a paraben? Parabens are the synthetic chemicals, which are included to serve as an antimicrobial preservative. It is not surprising that they are found in a staggering array of products, from hand soap to toothpaste since they are used to avoid bacteria, yeast and mold. These synthetic chemicals are believed to interfere with the function of the hormones so they are called hormone disruptors. These hormone disruptors fooled our bodies by copying natural hormones, which results in the corruption of natural hormonal process. A number of studies suggested that parabens have something to do with high rates of breast cancer, and reproductive problems in women and decreased sperm counts, prostate and testicular cancer in men.

A person should take extra precaution with the products because parabens are being absorbed in the skin through deodorants, lotion and other personal care products. Most likely the parabens will also accumulate in tumor tissues so we should be concern with the health risks.

How about aluminum salts, what is wrong with it? Aluminum salts can be found on anti-perspirant as a powerful substance that could work by clogging, closing or blocking the pores to prevent sweating. It is believed to increase the risk of breast cancer so it alarming to use deodorants with aluminum salts. It is because they are used close to the breast and even after shaving. Studies pointed out that aluminum salts can enter the underarm skin even if it is not broken. It is a good thing that there are aluminum free deodorants, which help the consumers to go organic and have healthy alternative choices. Some products also include organic aromatherapy skincare ranges.

That is why I am sticking to the natural anti-perspirant because it is safe and it is a good way to avoid health issues.

The Product Description: Get better longer odor protection that can last all day with this 100% premium deodorant. It helps naturally smoothen and lighten underarms.

How to use the product: You have to shake the bottle. Then, apply 4-6 swipes of deodorant to the underarms. Let it dry for few minutes so that it would not stain your clothes.

What's good about it:

* It will give you a chance to move away from chemical based anti-perspirant
* This deodorant will allow your body to be entirely free from health risks, which are given by aluminum salts, parabens and synthetic fragrances.
* It has pleasant and fresh powder scent
* You will prevent getting chicken skin even if you use this product after shaving
* It will help you to lighten and smoothen underarms

What's bad about it:

* Active people should choose other variant (there is also premium deodorant variant with tea tree oil) if they want longer odor protection
* It takes longer to dry in the underarms after applying compared to deodorant stick.

Final Recommendation:

I was glad that I have found something new, natural and eco-friendly product. I have been using commercial deodorants with aluminum in their ingredients. I stopped using the chemical based anti-perspirant after learning that aluminum is linked to concern of underarm deodorant to Alzheimer's illness. I have checked my anti-perspirant and I am sad to learn that it has aluminum in the ingredient list. Fortunately, I found on the internet that there is a brand which has a natural deodorant that I need plus their natural products have good quality at affordable costs.

The powder fresh variant is okay. However, you might try citrus burst hand sanitizer before applying 4-6 swipes of this deodorant for longer protection. Some users also apply few drops of their popular beauty oil on their underarms before going to bed and leave it overnight. The natural oil is effective in whitening the underarm with the regular use.

You can also check for the expiration date since you can call the customer service if the expired product is mistakenly delivered to you. They will give you a new product to replace it or a refund.

Great Choice of Deodorants

There are many ways to find a deodorant that will suit your body type and lifestyle. And the best part is it is organic. Do not hesitate to try it and see if it will suit you and your lifestyle.

Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant

I have heard great reviews about this product. And I know it is effective because baking soda neutralize the effects of the body odor. It is safer and more convenient compared to commercial products.

Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant Maximum Protection

This product is a Forest natural deodorant that promises maximum protection. Many people thinks it smells great and it certainly complements their body wash and soap.

Nature's Gate Organics Deodorant, Chamomile & Lemon Verbena

It is a Stick deodorant, which is convenient to apply compared to roll-on deodorants out there. It is definitely contained organic botanicals, paraben-free and guaranteed no aluminum chlorohydrate. It is hypo-allergenic, Residue-free and Propylene glycol-free. It has natural ingredient like baking soda, which neutralize body odor.

EO Organic Deodorant Spray, Citrus

This deodorant is EO certified organic. A user reveals that it is impressive spray that lasts all day long. It definitely leaves anyone smelling fresh, cool and clean.


Why choose chemical anti-perspirants that will give you health risks when you can use this crystal deodorant. It has no harmful chemicals and it can lasts longer too.


Since it is organic deodorant, you can enjoy the benefits of a good deodorant at a cheaper price. It provides better alternative for the environment since there is less waste.


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    • iluvceleb profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      I did not know that it is very expensive but I guess I will check Green People brand

    • dwelburn profile image


      4 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      Yes, I've been looking for a natural deodorant. Thanks for these suggestions. The mens range from Green People is good but it's very expensive.


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