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3d World and Other Dimensions

Updated on September 23, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda has been a Holistic Life Coach for 35 years seeing clients on a 1to1 basis and workshops.

Levels of Honesty

Further channellings from the Higher Beings that I have contact with. This is the time, the time is NOW.

Honesty comes easily to some but cannot always be seen as complete honesty. What we are saying here is that there are many levels of honesty. You can only be as honest as the time that you are at within your own personal development field. That is to say that honesty from a person who has completed much of the inner work is different to the honesty displayed by one who has not even begun this development.

What your 3D world gives as honesty is when you are not in fact telling a “bare faced lie” but your 3D world is in fact a bare faced lie itself. It does not live up to any standard when you are considering the standard of the universal energy continuum which is a vast field of contact. The 3D world is the most dishonest part of your world at present. It is so limited and such a demise of the truth that it is indeed a lie in itself.

When people come forward with more distant far reaching truths then they may indeed be called liars by those who can only abide within the 3D network because of the limitations that their minds have placed on them. To them it is indeed very threatening to have their so called 3d worlds of truth stretched out further and further so as to make a mockery of what they have already believed is the true limitations of their world. Your world can be as large as you wish it to be by stretching out your beliefs and thoughts to encompass areas that are not familiar to you.

Do you not desire to stretch and climb the depths and breadths of this world as well as the height? In a 3D world you are only looking at very limited dimensions, the truth is that you live within a holographic universe which itself lives within a holographic cosmic enfolding empire. This empire is so vast that we cannot at present begin to give you much of a perception of it. Be content with stretching and pulling away any blinkers that you have on yourselves so that you can begin to perceive other dimensions and other ways of living. If you are to perceive how you may live on a 5th dimensional planet then you will need to have pulled off your blinkers of what is possible and how far you can immerse yourself in the real truths of not only your future but your future lives.

In answer to your question of honesty we will give you here an anology which will be befitting to anyone who is still deeply entrenched in the knowledge of the 3D only. If you become engaged in a pursuit which has your heart and your head engaged and you become what you would call out of time and space and only engaged in that project. So much so in fact that you have lost contact with time then where are you, are you still in your 3D world where only the facts and figures that you have been given are true or are you in fact lost in some other dimension or in fact between dimensions. This is your truth, you cannot really be sure where you are when you are disconnecting from 3D, but what you can be sure of is there is more to your world than the 3D world . Those that hold onto the facts and figures and the linear world of 3D will have much more stress in the coming years as the blinkers are removed more and more from the so called truths that you hold dear to your “heads” not in most cases to your “hearts” which is more how you would normally express this. Make sure that when you say “I hold this dear to my heart” that it is the truth for many of your set phrases are not the truth and when you say them you are less than honest!

Uncovering the lies of your language is part of the larger uncovering of the dishonesty of your world. You cannot rely on ‘what we have been told’ or ‘that is the way it has always been’ . You alone are responsible for your truths and lies, firstly to yourself and then in the vibration that you are giving out to others. Be correct in your vibrational communication first and foremost. Then your honesty will be of deeper value and breadth.

Is this the biggest lie ever told to humanity?

Book of Secrets subtitle One & All given to author of this article by Higher Beings


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    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi Sangeetjass, it is really a question of levels of awareness and wakefulness. The only way to refine your truth is to keep refining how awake and aware you are of your own duality. This is the real powerful place of beginning your unfolding of your sense of real self and real truth. my hub on Your authentic self is a good starting point and looking at your beliefs which are not your "knowings" but just things you have been taught etc.

      Meditation of course is the main foundation for it is meditation that starts to calm down the mind that conspires to control you and lie to you!


    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I believe in all what you have said, but I am finding it difficult to understand how to realize the truth, could you explain me in an easy way?

    • emohealer profile image

      Sioux Ramos 

      11 years ago from South Carolina

      Thanks Namaste, this truly aligns with fact or fiction. What is truth really and are we ready for it? It is always perception which is always subject to change, truth and honesty are thereby objective.

      As always I appreciate what you present in these hubs.


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