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Overcome Failure in life-Personal consolidation Strategy

Updated on January 21, 2015

Failure is inevitable at times in every one's life. But the anguish and agony which it brings is tough to manage even for the experienced people. It also creates a situation wherein you tend to loose your self control and take rash or revengeful decisions.

But the actual requirement is to absorb the situation as whole and try to assimilate the reality.

It's hard but it is a must to go further towards success. We must understand the causes of failure from all the angles including ourselves.

Lets remember the saying, "Failure doesn't mean falling down but it is standing where you are." So actually we have lost nothing sometimes.

Self consolidation during this situation is important for every person for progressive future. So keeping this in mind try to consolidate or strengthen yourself mentally to look and get actual clear picture of the situation avoiding confusion and the further steps to be taken.

Consolidate yourself


Consolidation-To overcome failure in life

Though I am not Mahatma Gandhi or Abraham Lincoln to give you this advice, it is important to consider some points.

1) Get the clarity; The condition of personal failure brings in a mental cloud wherein we are gloomy. It also appears on your face and outlook. So it is important to come to clarity about the situation and get out of mental disguise due to grief. Because it may affect your social behavior and movements. The personal strength in times of failure carries more worth and charisma in society. Let others not be sympathetic to you.

2) Get Out of depression: The failure in life also causes a state of mental depression where in we try to give up our goals or goal oriented work or any other plans. we may spend most of our time in uselessly.

3) Get to workout your goals: Time slowly heals your problem as always, but yourself mentally worrying about the problem by quitting your job or work makes prone to further losses in life.These works are avoided or put on hold due mental disturbance. So try to re consolidate immediately and look for future or correct your mistakes

4) Avoid pessimism: Come out of grief or depression because grief conquers your mind set putting it to low and less productive than before. It may also make you pessimist and unable to carry out normal work.

5) Family life: is also affected many times due to agony of failure causing distress to everyone and relationships. So better come out of anguish or agony.

6) Share your feelings: Share your failure or agony with your well wishers and friends who can be with you even in these times.

7) Have Patience: This is a biggest asset in times of failure. Try to be patient and also silent so that your mind and heart gets a clear view of the condition and future strategy. Every person with whom you share the feeling gives you his opinion in their prospective, but you know the situation better and so you need to take decision.

8) Avoid pin pointing someone: We try to pin point someone as a cause of our failure. But it increases the duration of mood disturbance further in an intention for revenge. So try to excuse them. Because this failure might also bear an equivalent fruit for future. Who knows!!!!!!

So strengthen yourself for future goals. Failures give us mental strength and makes us tougher and harder internally to accomplish even greater deeds in future.

Tips to handle failure in life-Consolidation

Handling or Consolidation in personal failures is tough but it's possible if

You have some mental supporters like your teacher, parents, friend etc who can console and listen to you and stay with you.

Try to work or do your job exhaustively, to avoid mental conflict. This is hard but the results are well worth so try to do it.

Have a leave, go out on a trip or watch a movie for a change in mood. But please don't do it for a long time because you may tend to quit your place where you had failure or spend your time continuously avoiding the failure related situation.

Try to build up any accessory plans to stabilise yourself even in conditions of failure in future. Having a part-time income sources, energising works like social service, exercise, meditation etc will strengthen you greatly.

Build up mental strength by self help books, spiritual readings and gatherings etc.

Finally remember the saying or quote that, "Real success in life doesn't mean never falling down but standing up every time you fall. :-)


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