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Happiness in life and the absolute means to find it

Updated on November 21, 2015

There are no means to have happiness in reality, because it's already inside us even from birth.

Notice any child or kid!.......

they are happy even at the stage where they can't understand anything. But as we grow and our brains mature and our understanding and thinking capacity grows, certain clouds cover the internal happiness making us feel unhappy.

So trying to get rid of these clouds can give us happiness.

But strangely many of these clouds are from within or our internal perceptions about any condition or situation bringing unhappiness. And they are so hard to remove as we are habituated to them and are almost unable to stay without them and there by unable to be without unhappiness.




Every human wants to be at peace and happy. But being a social animal there are some basic requirements like family (companions), time for yourself, proper social status, money for your spending needs,

Types of happiness (happyness) people possess.

1. Some feel happy when they are not tensed by jobor career, these are ones content to be happy just at the moment. They might have not known or experienced the actual feeling of happiness in the inner self. They follow social trends and try to adhere to those standards and stay happy i.e without tension by trying to abide and live with society... :-). In one way they keep on running away from tensions and troubles and mind barking (chatter). This is their only way or route for happiness.

2. Some feel happy when they achieve something. These people are a bit mature and know how to keep themselves on their terms including happiness. They have some good meaning of life from their own perspective. But they also suffer from sort of mental causes for unhappiness.

3. Some people are happy based on their way of life. They do what ever they like, never worry about social status, symbol etc. Of course they are also content and strong. They can live life limelight if they are a bit more wiser about the choices in life.

4. Some people are overly satisfied by life achievements or possessions, they tend get happiness by trying to do charity, give free advices etc... They are happy but their internal happiness has still a big void or emptiness which they try to fill by above methods.

Causes of unhappiness

There are numerous causes of unhappiness based on mental and physical level.

Grief comes because of comparison, ego, anger, selfishness, thoughts of revenge etc. at mental level.

It also comes as loss of health, money, wealth, relationship, status etc at personal level.

But of them grief due to loss at mental level comes very easily and also very often. And at every point of time everyone suffers from this sort of causes. It is also habit forming that everyone gets accustomed to it and so again and again face the same grief due to similar manifestation of above causes in every day life.

For grief by personal or physical things loss, we work out very hard to achieve them back and of course loose our valuable personal time in trying to gain them

So as per Hindu scriptures and Buddhism to be happy you are instructed to

Be satisfied with what you have, have less expectation, do your work (karma) to keep up your things in right order (i.e yourself and your family), don't concentrate on the result etc.

In the current scenario we have things like yoga for happiness, laughing clubs, counselling centres for marriage etc.. for happiness.

There are a lot of modes wherein we run away or keep away ourselves from unhappiness by going to pubs, hotels, parties, movies etc. We also run away from unhappiness mentally by use of addicting agents like heroin, cocaine, alcohol, smoking, adultery, lust etc..

Even the education system in the present scenario is all about how to survive well and be happy but the world happiness survey report shows no nation to have the happiness to unhappiness ratio of people of above 50%.

So it is also true that experiencing unhappiness and assimilating the it when it comes is also necessary for future happiness and internal bliss.

How to find happiness?

To be happy always

1. Have a work something worthwhile. Work is anything where in both doer and the receiver are benefited. Working not only gives your desires and wishes fulfilled but also engages your mind away from mental causes of unhappiness.

2. Be in the society i.e never try to be isolated for long. Because you need to be in touch with every day pace and changes happening around. Many find it difficult to accept the new things or trends when they are isolated for long. This makes them feel stressed when trying to get accustomed to the advanced pace or trends.

Society makes you feel sorrow but the same society helps you be in the right track and successful by acting as real life coach. That's why the phrase "Experience is the best teacher stands good".

3. Accept things, conditions and people around you.. this is very mandatory to stay strong and lively. It is a fact that there is almost no one a so called happiest person without accepting things arround.

4. Have spiritual consciousness. This is the uppermost step in the ladder of understanding and existence. It helps you get control over the real mental devils of sorrow and misery. If you have never had any experience of it then go to spiritual teachings, rituals happening around. This gives the understanding and also the feeling actual happiness or peace from within.

5. Be optimistic because the upsets in life never come to end your path, but instead come to show you how to succeed in the path or whether or not the path really suits your wish. In any case it makes you stronger and content internally in long run. Happiness is mostly psychology based.

Read some inspirational books or watch movies which can decrease your depression or grief cycles to minimum. That is the grief or depression which we experience tend to habituate and the cycles repeat for every few days or week. So trying to be inspired makes you decrease these unhappy movements.

6. Have some time to think of others. Do something for others. Because the phrase by Swami Vivekananda " working for others brings in a strength of a lion in you." really holds good and true. Even Mahatma Gandhi said "There is real happiness in giving than in receiving."

Swami's one more phrase says "Life is short, give it up for a great cause" implies the actual meaning and importance of life. So trying to think of how to be or get happiness is really a narrow thought when you think of the limited time you have to spend your life to the fullest satisfaction.

So now go and fly with the saying.......

" Happiness is the way and there is no way for happiness." :-)


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      Charlize 2 years ago

      Amy: we are so pleased with the bfietauul photographs you took of Eddie. Also, the recipients of our birth announcements are RAVING about the amazing work you did. Thank you for preserving the memories. You're the best!

    • bheem profile image

      bheem 7 years ago

      You are welcome Sir....:-)

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      ShanesWellness 7 years ago