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Hangover Cure Tips

Updated on May 8, 2011

Hangovers are an annoying problem from which no person who drinks alcoholic beverages is safe. No matter how big, how small, how old, or young, anyone can fall victim to the aftermath of a night out on the town. Throughout history, hangover remedies have existed in many forms. Some were successful while others just didn't make the grade.

From home remedies to over the counter homeopathic hangover cures, this article will look at how to cure a hangover using several methods that can ease the morning after pains of hangovers, and some ways that just flat do not work. Try not to be too active, and give yourself time to rest. It might be a good time to catch up on all of those Kung Fu movies that have been laying around. Try to relax and remember that help is on the way, and if everything is blurry and still moving in slow motion, please do not get in a car and drive. Ask a friend to help get your supplies. So "hang" in there and keep the curtains closed until your eyes slowly adjust to the daylight.

Hangover Prevention - Drinkin Mate vs Chaser

Before I get into the actual hangover cure tips methods, there are a couple of products on the market that boast the ability to prevent a hangover all together.

Chasers - This product is a pill solution that is taken before going out for a night of drinking. There is a recommended dosage on the bottle so, if you drink over your limit, you can take more pills. According to their studies, Chasers reduces 17 different hangover symptoms like headache and body aches.

Drinkin' Mate- This is an effervescent tablet for hangover that can be taken before, during, and after drinking to lessen aches and pains from a hangover as a result of drinking alcohol. Just put two tablets in water and let them dissolve.

PreToxx - Another tablet based hangover prevention supplement. Just take these before drinking and wake up the next day feeling like you never had anything to drink.

Cheerz Intellishot - This product comes in a European version and an American version. while the stats listed on their website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, they have some pretty strong backing from several doctors who claim that this product really works. 

*Neither of these products give a person a stronger "tolerance" for alcohol, your body will still negotiate the same amount of alcohol as it always does. These products simply reduce aches and pains associated with hangovers.

Best Hangover Cures

Two things happen to your body when you are out on a late night bender, dehydration and Hypoglycemia. Obviously, the best hangover cure is to not go out drinking all night. Who wants a boring night at home anyway. After hours of research, I have compiled these tried and true methods of how to cure a hangover.

1. Replenish What Was Lost - Your body loses electrolytes when you drink alcohol, and your body needs electrolytes and vitamins and minerals to function properly. So a really inexpensive way to beat down your evil hangover is to start drinking juice immediately. Orange juice for Vitamin C and the fructose. Gatorade is also good for replacing the lost electrolytes. Some countries have uncommon hangover remedies like drinking pickle juice. By all means, don't forget about drinking water.

2. Sleep Is Your Best Friend - Your body will need rest to recover from over use while you are out all night with your friends. Normally your sleep will be reduced because of dreaming or waking up frequently during the night to use the bathroom. So take it easy the next day. Keep the curtains drawn, to keep it nice and dark, and sleep. Try to stay away from caffeine as it is a stimulant and will keep you awake and unable to sleep. Also, coffee will just contribute to your already dehydrated state.

3. Hair Of The Dog That Bit You- If you are really ailing, one of the quickest ways to get relief is to have a morning after drink like a drink called Hair of the Dog That Bit You (Mix of Gin and Tabasco like sauce are mixed). A very popular morning after drink is a Bloody Mary. Tomato juice and the celery are full of vitamins and can help you out of your hangover doldrums more quickly.

4. Beware The Medicine Cabinet- I know the headaches are killers, but try to take it easy on the aspirin and ibuprofen. Aspirin is a blood thinner, like alcohol, and can do away with your headache, but prolong the overall experience. Tylenol, and ibuprofen can seriously damage your liver. If you are looking for something to take, and this might be the best advice out there, try an Alka Seltzer Morning Relief. I have heard from some people that have taken this product that they have been fine about 30 minutes after taking Morning Relief.

5. You Stink - Did I forget to mention that you don't smell exactly like roses after a night out? A great way to negate aches and pains is to jump in the shower. So find your shower and wash some of that stank off your body. Cold or hot water is your personal preference.

Rehydration Is The Key

Shenanigans are completely worth the hangover. Just hang in there and remember that rehydration is the key and may be the best medicine to cure hangover. Some other natural hangover remedies include taking a couple tablespoons of honey every half an hour or so. Add the honey to some hot tea and have some crackers or maybe nibble on some dry toast.

As a side note, one of my favorite remedies I have absolutely no explanation for, but it does work for me, is having a $0.39 ice cream cone from McDonald's. That is actually the only reason I even go to a McDonald's anymore. It does work for me though. About halfway through, I don't feel as bad and my head is clearer.

Hangover Cure Video

 Check Out This Video on Hangover Cures.


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