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Harmful effects of Tea

Updated on May 21, 2012

Tea is a great discovery that has made our life very easy. Am I right or wrong..??? Tea is almost like an addictive drink for most of the people. But does anyone even know whether how tea is very harmful also at the same time to all of us. But the leading brands of tea would never disclose this news that I would be giving you on my article.

The top ten harmful effects of tea.

1- As per as the new study by Rutgers University scientists have found new research that tea is harmful to us as it causes chromosome damage and also fetal leukemia. This was reported by the edition of The Washington times online.

2- Tea extracts also have a compound name as phytochemicals which are in plant-derived foods that effects our biological activity in the body. This can really cause dangerous side effects into us. This was said by Joshua Lambert, the lead author of the university.

3-Tea is a big source of slowing down our digestion. Tea contains an element called ptyalin, this is a kind if digestive ferment of saliva. Tanin is responsible for this condition, but we often use milk so however it gets disappears when we do so since milk precipitates milk. But since tea delays our stomach digestion that could lead us to gas formation diarrhoea and constipation as well.

4- Tea is also a major cause for kidney disorder. Experiments have been proved that 5 cups of tea increases a persons urine by 400- 500%. This continuous process of stimulation for consuming caffeine might damage them. Tea also creates kidney stone as it contains high concentration of oxalate.

5- Tea also causes Premenstrual syndrome as people who usually drink 1- 4 cups of tea everyday as likely to have Premenstrual syndrome than the non tea drinkers. People who drink 8 cups of tea or even more have chances for Premenstrual syndrome almost 10 times.

6- Drinking to much of tea leads to incontinence which makes urgent impulse for frequent urine. As per as the recent study caffeine exerts pressure onto the bladder that leads to muscle surrounding which in returns increases the need of urinate.

7- Due to caffeine the respiratory and cardiac muscle also get stimulated leading to coronary arteries which gets diluted as a result increases into the rate of blood flow. The fastening of respiration lowers the carbon dioxide level.

8- Tea is also a source of element that can increase th toxicity in human body. People who take in large amount of tea would go through this. The younger leaves of tea lack the quantity of aluminum whereas the older tea leaves are the actual source. For avoiding this picking of the tea leaves leads to the reason.

9- Tea also leads to insomnia. This is a good source of alerting you mentally and physically too as its large amount induces to insomnia. It only effects for people who are addicted to tea. This also causes sleeping disorders that are quite common which affect the health of humans in a negative order. Researchers have proved this and has rather recommended to have less of tea in order to stay fit.

10- tea is a source of esophageal cancer as per as the study. Esophagus is a canal that links the oral cavity to your stomach and when you drink a very hot tea this canal gets damaged, as a result it leads to this disease. To avoid this a warmer tea is better to take in. If you try to follow this method of waiting thus could lead to lowering the rik of this esophageal cancer.


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