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Has Chemotherapy killed your loved ones?

Updated on July 8, 2013

Understanding Cancer

What angers and upsets me? There is help and no one knows! People are dying daily, and I'm frustrated because I can't get the knowledge out there fast enough. A hubber said his aunt died after two weeks of chemo treatments for cancer. She died from pneumonia, and the reason is because in the first place, in order for her to contract the cancer, that means her immune system was already compromised. You don't get any disease, hereditary or otherwise, unless your immune system has been compromised. That is because the immune system was designed to be our body's military system; fighting off all invaders.


Foods That Increase Cancer Risk

The problem is that we live in such a toxic society. We eat foods that are being poisoned with cancer (pesticides), which has caused a rise in cancer cases. Our immune systems are suffering from an onslaught of toxins, and its so overloaded that it becomes compromised and invaders start getting past the front lines.

Foods concerning this are:

*Charred foods (These can create heterocyclic aromatic amines, also known as carcinogens.)

*Red meat

*Smoked, pickled and heavily salted foods

*Brown and white sugar added with molasses

*Soda/soft drinks

*French fries, chips and junked foods

*Food and drink additives

*Excess alcohol

*Baked goods

*Farmed fish (Containing higher levels of toxins such as PCB's)

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Once that happens, its a downhill spiral from that point, unless we reprogram our molecular information, and cause our immune system to recognize and remember more diseases. By this, we strengthen our immunity and restore our ability to fight.

Once this happens, our bodies are more than capable of fighting off any invader, including cancer, successfully, without the use of toxic chemotherapy, which only succeeds in further debilitating the immune system.

To the hubber with the question: It was an already compromised immune system, coupled with toxic chemotherapy that caused your aunt to die so suddenly. Since it is clear that you have this predisposition to cancer in your family, it would behoove you to get as much information as you can to fight it.

The information you need is molecular for the immune system and I can provide that info to you. This information was first discovered back in 1949 by a very famous immunology pioneer named Dr. Sherwood Lawrence. Nothing was really done with his discovery until 1998, when an underground movement for healing and wellness was started with the information he discovered.

But when you have knowledge of something that can help people, it often seems like just a sales pitch simply because a product with 11 worldwide patents is involved, but there are people who really have a heart to help. It's hard to convince people even if you've personally witnessed and have testimonies of people getting complete healing and full restoration from a product that is not on the market, but is part of an underground movement of wellness. This is so because the powers that be profit from sickness.

I can help you in your search. Please contact me. I have important information about a natural immune system builder that will cause the body to fight off the cancer. If utilized correctly, full recovery is in about 3-4 months without surgery. Look at this video then contact me if you want more info. Peace and blessings.


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    • profile image

      THE TRUTH 6 years ago


    • Etherealenigma profile image

      Sandra M. Urquhart 6 years ago from Florida

      Yeah, I think there are a lot of healthy ways to address it and other issues, but people don't take the time to find out. They want to just rely on doctors, but we are each responsible for our own health and well being. I'm simply trying to wake people up. Thank you for the visit. GB

    • Eliminate Cancer profile image

      Eliminate Cancer 6 years ago from Massachusetts

      If they ran the numbers as a real statistician should, you'd find more deaths associated with chemotherapy, than any survival benefit. Sadly, they don't track that. They fight the cancer, and kill the patient. Even if you survive the cancer, the risk of other disease is increased.

      Yes, there are some cancers that do respond well to chemo - but many that don't, and aren't worth the risk - especially when there are so many other ways to fight cancer.

      Thanks for this hub - you will help many people!!