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5 Do it Yourself Healing Techniques

Updated on March 13, 2013

Getting to Know You...

Welcome to 5 Health and Healing Techniques. This is a health and well-being channel demonstrating usable techniques to achieve health and well-being in your life. I am your author, Cassandra Lea Wilson, and I will be your guide accompanying you on a journey of yourself. It won't be filled with dogma or strict regimes, it will feel like a walk in the garden smelling flowers here and there, finding yourself living a richer, more balanced, more special life. All photos are taken by me at Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver, Canada

1. The Value of Music

Did you know that... Music is a valuable healing technique? Make sure to use plenty of flowing ambient or sounds of nature in your music repretoire. Pick up some CDs from those unique stores with beautiful candles and aromatherapy in the air. Create an environment in your home that makes you feel as if your own bubble is the best place on earth. You can also stream music from the free website that sends themed music to your computer in your taste genre. I like ambient and listen to Astral and Nature sounds.


2. Time For You

I believe it is essential to create a YOU ritual. In the best of cases, this ritual would be done first thing in the morning, before other influences like internet, tv or the voices of others, but joyously with coffee or morning tea. Find a quiet space. Sit in the same chair. Now just relax. Just be. Just exist in that place, holding your cup and allow what is to be. With the warm coffee in your hands, listen within. Do you feel a nudge, do you hear an inspiration? Write it down and pay attention. When you feel finished, close the ceremony by giving thanks to all around you that supports you and loves you back. Now, you are done.

3. Breathing For Information

If you have got 5 Minutes where you won't be disturbed, sit quietly and exhale the weight you may have gathered throughout the day. Listen to the inhale, exhale, inhale and the exhale. How does it feel for you? Does it work for you, releasing burdens and lightening your energy? See how it brings forth information that you collected along your travels. Release it all. Bless yourself. Hear the space open and with this state, you can go back to your Life.

4. Heart Hands Exercise

Take your left hand, and place it over your Heart. Take your right hand and lay it overtop. Sit quietly for 5 minutes, listening to your Heart. Feel your heart beating. Enjoy the sound of silence within. :)

Now that you have heard the sound of your heart, the sound of the space you hold within, you can understand the value of making that connection.

5. Connect With The Hearts of Others

Close your eyes with your hands on your heart, and imagine the person who loves you most standing in light in front of you now. Listen through your heart to this persons heart. Give it some time as you let the frequency establish, then hear what this person is speaking through their heart. In this exchange, you transmit your needs while hearing their needs, all effortlessly. All you are doing is tuning in. What does this exchange bring?

Use this connection method with people in your life, spiraling next to other loving people, and gradually into your network so that you can create authentic connection where you and the other feel acknowledged. This is a simple way to improve communication and strengthen bonds.

By Cassandra L. Wilson of The Horizon Center


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