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Beautiful healing prayer for crocodiles

Updated on December 12, 2013

Rangers at South Africa’s Kruger National Park found a devastating sight in the Olifants Gorge in May 2008.

The gorge, which was once a haven for giant Nile crocodiles, was littered with their dead bodies.

Since then hundreds more beautiful Nile crocodiles have faced agonising deaths as a result of the disease pansteatitis which was brought on by human pollution.

Here, is a short healing prayer that will help the crocodiles in Kruger National Park who are suffering and need healing.

Heavenly father, divine spirit, we ask that the healing power of the universe energises the crocodiles in Kruger National Park to help them over come the pollution in their natural habitat that is causing them to suffer. We ask that they are given healing and strength and that the water in the gorge is purified and made healthy again. We ask that the humans who created the dam which has lead to the crocodiles' illness see the damage that they have done. And we ask that the humans in the nearby factories and towns that are causing pollution see the effects of this. We also ask that the rangers at Kruger National Park are given the strength and optimism to overcome the problems faced by the crocodiles and any other animals in the park that require help. And we ask that those officials near Kruger National Park who have the ability to make laws, changes and recommendations to protect the crocodiles are guided by the divine truth of goodness.

We also ask heavenly father that humanity as a whole is able to raise their consciousness to become more aware of the animal kingdom and works to preserve their habitats. We ask that humans begin to put the longevity of the natural world before their own success with profits. For the animal kingdom and nature holds much beauty, mush wisdom and much healing and for that we are thankful.


Please place messages of support in the comments box below to send healing to the crocodiles in Kruger National Park.


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