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Healing with Massage Therapy

Updated on June 22, 2021
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I have over 10 years of experience in the alternative healing and energy fields as a healer and learner of the ancient healing sciences.

About Massage

Massage Therapy for Healing

Many consider massage as a luxury or something offered as once in a while gift. However, massage offers several other benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. If you want a relaxing treatment to assist with better health, then looking at the benefits of massage can help you to enjoy it even more while releasing toxins and other imbalances in your body.

Types of Massage

There are ancient and traditional forms of massage as well as newer types of massage that are able to assist with the relaxation and healing offered by an individual. The difference between massages is inclusive of the techniques and patterns used for the massage as well as the touch that is used. You can divide this into the general categories of:

- Deep Touch Massages. Deep tissue and other forms of massage move into the deeper parts of the back and body. It is used to release tension and knots not only from the top layers of the body but also underlying the body.

- Lighter Touch Massages. Lomi Lomi, relaxation, and other forms of these massages are known to assist with relaxation. One is able to remove toxins and reach relaxation without the deeper pressure of deep touch. These are excellent for maintaining a sense of peace within the body.

- Movement-Based Massages. You can look into massages such as Thai massage if you want to consider a different type of massage. This moves in broad sweeps across the body and is often not based on a pattern of movement. This assists with blood circulation and release in the body. Other forms of movement are also used, such as applying different forms of pressure and moving in specific motions across the body or asking the individual receiving the massage to move into different positions while specific points are targeted.

- Massage with Tools. Practitioners are now adding in other formats to create a different approach to massage. Cold stone and hot stone massages are often added in. This allows the temperature and texture of the massage to combine with the massage. There are also innovative techniques, such as Mu - Xing, which uses heated wood to release deeper tension without applying pressure.

- Massage in one area. Reflexology, scalp massages, and other focused areas. Reflexology focuses on the hands and feet while other forms of massage only concentrate on one area. These massages are usually shorter. However, the meridian points that are used are able to stimulate the entire body into relaxation and release.

Massage History and Healing Properties

The techniques of massage not only span with ways it is used to release toxins and create balance within the body. It has also been associated with different cultures in order to stimulate deeper spiritual and healing practices.

Lomi Lomi

Hawaiian Massage, or Lomi Lomi, is often used for relaxation and uses broad strokes across the body. It is not done in a particular order but focuses on the therapist finding the central points of tension. In ancient Hawaii, the massage was given by healers and Kahunas, or spiritual chiefs. It was done at specific times to gain spiritual clarity and to guide one into their soul purpose. By releasing any blocks, the ritual would allow one to gain the wisdom their soul needed for a lifetime.

Ayurvedic Massage

Throughout India and Asia, Ayurvedic-style massages are used to release toxins and to bring balance back to the body. Ayurveda will often mix herbal mixtures to go into the internal organs and the deeper need to balance mind, body, and spirit. Ayurvedic practitioners have used this for centuries to assist with deeper healing and to keep the spirit in alignment.

Chinese Massage

Adapted over 2500 years ago, Chinese massage was formulated as a mixture of doctors who studied martial arts and traditional medicine. It was also found in Buddhist practices, which used massage techniques to support relaxation, allowing them to move into a deeper state of meditation. The belief system was that when the subtle changes in the body remained imbalanced, it essentially led to disease and illness.

Egyptian Massage

Egypt was most known for reflexology practices, which led to an introduction to Greece, Rome, and eventually Europe. By hitting specific points of the body with massage, it led to a release and balance within the mind and body.

These are some of the many cultures which began to evolve massage practices, specifically for its profound healing powers as well as the ability to lead one into a spiritual state.

Can Massage Really Heal?

The myth about massage is that it is good for relaxation and is considered a luxury. However, massage therapists would disagree. It is able to release tension and knots in the body. When getting a massage, different parts of the internal body are able to move back into balance. Movement of circulation, balance in digestion and release of toxins are some of the few benefits with the healing of massage.

The jobs that most have, whether at a desk or manual labor, is not a natural position for the body to consistently be in. This alone causes imbalances in the body. Other, more deeply rooted problems often combine with this to create problems within the body. If these aren't released, then they can last for years, causing problems and difficulties with one's body. If you want to maintain the internal and external parts of the body, then working with massage therapy is a simple way to release and rejuvenate while having a luxurious preventative medicine.

Benefits of Massage

Which Massage Works Best?

Each of the massage therapies that are available are designed to treat and work with specific needs of the body. This can help you to balance and build your body back into balance. Many massage therapists are finding that integrating a combination of light and deep touches works more effectively. However, spas often focus on technique instead of the needs of the body. When you are working with massage, you will want to find specific needs for your body to bring back into balance. Focusing on circulation, balance, release of knots in your back and other health issues can help you to find the best massage for preventative medicine and to bring your body back into balance.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Brooke Hart


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