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Health Benefits And Minerals

Updated on March 19, 2012

One of The Essentails

Do You Know Your Minerals?

Believe it or not there are 17 minerals that play a role in our nutrition . Just to name a few we have: aluminum, bismuth, iron, boron, calcium, magnesium, copper, iodine, and fluoride, magnesium, selenium, and potassium.

There are other minerals but we are going to explode or some of the more important ones for our bodies , I believe magnesium , iron, calcium , and iodine are all the more essential minerals.

We need minerals in order to maintain a healthy mental and physiological structure.

How does minerals work? Minerals work together with vitamins in order to bring a balance

functioning body to complete wellness.

Earth Minerals

Aluminum - Found in the earth and is present in plants. But as for the human body and aluminum there is NO value for this mineral, and can be harmful.

Bismuth - Commonly found in medications such as Pepto-Bismol.

Boron- Trace mineral found in foods such as; leafy greens, winter squash, and an assortment of nuts. This mineral also works in conjunction with calcium and magnesium to provide the body with strong joints.

Chloride NOT Chlorine

Chloride brings balance in our body between acid and alkali. Chloride has been known for helping relieve diarrhea and vomiting.

Minerals And Their Function

Cooper - This mineral helps oxygen travel in the blood.

Fluoride - The most common known mineral among consumers not only does fluoride protect our teeth, but the mineral actually help stimulate the bones formation.

Iodine - Most consumers are familiar with this mineral role as being the main mineral necessary needed for healthy thyroid functioning . Iodine is also a mineral that supports our body's ability to burn fat.

Chlorophyll and Magnesium - Working together in a joint effort.

Have you ever wondered what makesvegetables green? Vegetables get their color from chlorophyll, but magnesium can be found in chlorophyll.

Does this make sense? Vitamins take over in the utilization functioning of magnesium. If the body has no vitamin D it cannot utilize magnesium properly. Here's another interesting fact in regard to magnesium, if you consume calcium by the ton then you need the same amount of magnesium . Its also has been medically proven that patients who suffer with high cholesterol have an increased need for magnesium.

Next we are going to move on to Iron and discuss some of its functions.

Iron Transformation

Iron - The Different Forms

Iron: What most people may not know this mineral is what givesblood its color.

In order for iron to really function within complete harmony with our bodies calcium and copper are the key ingredients needed to be present. These minerals work in conjunction with one another to correlate the different forms of iron.

Iron has the ability to transform itself from ferrous and ferric which are two different forms of iron. It is able to do this by releasing oxygen. Iron contains oxygen therefore it is able to release it when needed


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