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Health Foods - Eating Healthy -Tips To Think About

Updated on September 12, 2016

Get Active

Ever wondered why some people just seem to be healthier. They seem to do every thing they should not and still stay healthy. Perhaps it is because they stay active, walking, getting out into the fresh air and doing things they like. Activity keeps the body structure strong, the more resilient the body tissue is the harder it is for illness to take hold. Not to mention blood is circulating better bringing nutrients to all parts of the body. Diet is very important but moving about is good for the body and the mind.


Eating is something you need to do each day but eating the peanut is a special treasure. The peanut People have been using the peanut for hundreds of years. The Peanut is a great source of protein for people who do not eat meat. Peanuts are high in folate, copper, and fibers. These vitamins help to protect the heart.

Try eating a food as simple as the peanut will help your body fight disease. This recipe for eating will help the skin look better and your body feels better. Peanut butter is a favorite add that to a banana and lather a little honey for jelly and you have got quite a healthy peanut eating recipe for a snack.

The peanut is wonderful roasted and the healing properties are increased when roasted. The peanut is high in the elements that suffocate the growth of certain cancer cells in the colon rectal area of the body. Peanuts at a ball game, peanuts for no reason at all just eat The Peanut.

apricots -stockxchang

Dried Apricot Treats

Dried apricots treats

Buying deserts is fun and sometimes convenient but a quick dessert using dried apricots is wonderful. Steam the fruit in a little water for about five minutes; add a bit of brown sugar and vanilla flavor. Throw in a dash of all spice and use any biscuit doe you chose to make a pocket for your dried apricot pie. Make as many individual dried apricot pies as you need. Dried apricot pies make personal great snacks.

The benefits of eating apricots

We love to eat foods that we consider just plain good. We rarely think of the nutritional value that it gives while we are enjoying it. Such is the Apricot; a wonderful food given to us that benefits our bodies, apricots are surprisingly delicious. This little gem has been carried around the world. Apricots have been recognized to be good for the body by scholars since the very beginning of man's socialization; and apricots have withstood the test of time to continue to be helpful to mankind.

Apricots are extremely high in vitamin A. They were once called the golden eggs of the sun. Apricots have been transported from various countries until the fruit is now found around the world Apricots contain 50% of our daily requirement of vitamin A. They are high in vitamin C and E and filled with fiber.This makes them extremely good for the colon system. The larger part of our immune system is located in our colon. The benefit of keeping our internal system clean is well worth eating apricots.

It is also well noted that vitamin A is good for the eyes. Eating Apricots would help our bodies get more of this vitamin. Apricots are a great tasting fruit. It is used for salads, preserves, and a host of other things. Overall it is a very enjoyable fruit. There is no wonder it has been sought after by the world.


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