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Mustard Greens- Benefits of Mustard Greens-Celery -Fight for Health by Eating Right

Updated on December 20, 2017


Juice Cleanse

Better Health with Proper Hydration.

Staying healthy is a community event that helps everyone and needs every individuals assistance. Every person has ideas, and remedies that might be used to make ones health better.

Some ideas seem a little far out or even unbelievable. However, once intensely studied, even the least sensible idea may hold some merit. Keep looking for answers to health issues naturally.


Drinking water is practically a reflex activity. Yet, people are still suffering from dehydration. Lack of water can cause a wild range of health problems and inflammation in the body is a big cause of health problems.

The blood cannot get through the veins properly to carry nutrients and oxygen to the blood with heavy inflammation in the body. Perfect health may be difficult to obtain, still better health can certainly be achieved by staying properly hydrated.

Ebola and Spirulina

The world searches for a cure for Ebola and a host of other viruses. The Bible is a book that holds significant historical value and states, “There is nothing new under the sun”. So, it is likely that Ebola has been around somewhere before.

So has “Spirulina”. It is believed this supplement can inhibit the growth of deadly viruses. HIV, and Ebola are listed in that category. In research, mice were tested with Ebola. They were not cured. However, they had an extended survival rate.

Spirulina was used to detox people with high radiation doses during Chernobyl, and is a natural element that protects the human body from toxins. This was discovered by the Japanese. Hawaiian Pacifica, and Spirulina Pacifica are believed to be the best Spirulina types.

This blue green algae product grows in bodies of water. Much of the idea on Spirulina as a possibility for assistance in viruses is attributed to Dr. Auturo Volpe, who has left his writings as a legacy. The link below will guide reader to his site.

Anything that cleans the body gives it a fighting chance. Using any product gradually, and safely is best. No one knows how the body will react to any supplement. Spirulina is a natural ,and tested supplement. Nevertheless, checking with a medical professional is always wise.

Food Combination That Might Help Fight Ebola- Keep Looking for a Cure, Penicillin Was Found by Accident

Many are searching for a cure for the Ebola virus. No doubt, the weakening of the body’s immune system does not help if persons are subjected to an improper diet. Nevertheless, any form of hope is acceptable.

Some believe some home remedies might help; first line of fire in any illness is to cleanse the colon system. No matter how much medicine a person gets into the body, if the bowels are dirty the body will still pump poison into the system. This is true with any illness, even Ebola.

One ingredient in a rumored cure is rosemary. This herb is known for its ability to boost the immune system. It is very much like mint and grows almost anywhere. It also has anti-inflammation abilities. 10 drops

The next ingredient talked about is the geranium plant. The geranium is seen by most as a cute little flower but apparently, it is touted to have some medicinal powers. This flowering plant has oil that can be used to heal the skin and some take it a coupe of times a year.

In a watered down state it is good for healing. It is used as an astringent and keeps insects away. However, like most things, pregnant women and those suffering from autoimmune diseases should stay clear.

Lemon and honey are also a part of this mixture. These ingredients are everyday kitchen product. The intake of sauerkraut juice and tomato juice is also a part of the possible mixture.

Sauerkraut has a list of positive affects including strengthening the immune system and helping vision. Get relief from muscle cramps and indigestion issues. Tomato juice fights dandruff and it detoxes the body. A little olive oil is included in when drinking the tomato juice and sauerkraut.

Who’s to say if any of this will work but until there is a cure people must try all healthy avenues. These ingredients are things people use to flavor dishes with everyday and are encouraging to the health. Importantly, staying hydrated helps to keep fever down in the body. Filling the body full of nutrients that dislike viruses is a good thing.

Kidney Disease Reversal

Kidney Information

Getting Off Dialysis

Ebola and Food

There are no magic answers for the why of things. However, it is important to try to prevent as much illness as possible by eating things that might help. Everyday people are not chemist, that is for the experts.

Nevertheless, keeping a healthy diet is in the control of the individual. Whether people have gardens, know a neighbor with a garden or have a favorite market. Eating green leafy vegetables helps strengthen the immune system.

The world is desperately searching for a cure for Ebola. People in some African nations are dying from this virus rapidly. Information is unavailable to some but the word of mouth grapevine is still a powerful tool. It is good if people can get professional help but information is power.

No one wants to think about Ebola but it is a part of the worlds concerns. Ebola is not limited to a particular region, but is spreading across the globe; this is why information is essential. Symptoms include: nausea, bloody diarrhea, extreme weight loss, red eyes, cough and chest pain, raised rash and stomach discomfort.

This illness causes bleeding from openings in the body. Usually from the eyes, people near the end may bleed from the rectum, noise and ears. The illness dehydrates the body and there is extreme inflammation.

Doctors are trying some experimental cures but for now, there are no known remedies. However, it is believed Selenium is an antioxidant and acts as an anti-inflammatory product that manages cytokine dysfunctions.

Selenium has shown to positively affect inflammation, acting to increase the body’s immunity to disease. However, too much Selenium might cause kidney and liver problems.

People may be suspicious of drugs since money certainly will be made from any cure. Will these drugs treat the symptoms? Will they cure the problem? Will money overrule a true cure? Only time has the answer to these questions.

Ginger is also a food that might help the body fight illness. It is used for colds, nausea, dizziness and osteoarthritis. Selenium is believed to be effective for various cancers, HIV-Aids, Chronic fatigue, heart disease, diabetes and a list of other illnesses. No food natural or otherwise should be used excessively. This only leads to other issues.

In the case of any disease, a clean dry environment is essential. Keeping fevers under control and since hemorrhaging is a problem. Vitamin K helps blood clotting. Foods with this nutrient are asparagus, blueberries, okra, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, celery, raspberries, scallions, mulberries and prunes.

Foods with Selenium:

  • Crab
  • Fish
  • Wheat
  • Poultry

Some believe the same lack of vitamin C that produces scurvy is related to Ebola. Only medical professionals can decide what a cure for any disease is, but like the common cold, a food that helps, offers one the chance to stay safe until help arrives. People do recover from this illness although it has an extremely poor recovery rate. Those that do get well hold antibodies for up to 10 years, in their body.

Some people believe the virus is real others think it is a myth. Education is a serious problem with the public, even in countries with resources. Governments are working to avoid hysteria and are now containing the Ebola virus.

People may be suspicious of drugs since money certainly will be made from any cure. Will these drugs treat the symptoms? Will they cure the problem? Will money overrule a true cure? Only time has the answer to these questions.

  • Ginger and garlic are great disinfectants but are also blood thinners.

Other helpful foods:

  • collards
  • mustard greens
  • kale
  • lettuce
  • turnip greens

Mustard Green- Benefits of Mustard Greens / Celery

Eating a delicious dinner with mustard greens is a wise decision. Mustard Greens are one of the most nutritious plants you can eat. Mustard greens belong to the same family as Broccoli and Collards. Mustard Greens are quite spicy little plant. Mustard greens have been around for a very long time. Mustard Greens were cultivated in vineyards by the monks and the Egyptian ate the very spicy mustard seeds with food for seasoning.

Mustard Greens were often used for their extremely green chlorophyll. The taste is a bit bitter perhaps that is due to the many minerals found in the leaves. Mustard greens may possibly help with asthma and other respiratory problems. The magnesium in mustard greens helps to smooth the walls of the bronchial tubes. Mustard greens carry 3 antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E. Mustard Greens carries eight vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and protein. The Mustard has been used for medicine and is believed to fight some Cancer cells in the colon and stomach. The Mustard Green seed was prescribed as medicine for stings and is believed to be good for many ailments including High Blood Pressure.

Mustard greens are a winter plant. They take about 4 to 6 weeks to grow. The Mustard Green plant is a strong plant and does not take a lot of effort to grow. The nutritional value of the Mustard Green is worth the effort of growing it. In centuries past the Mustard Green seed represented number and strength. The Mustard Green seeds are plentiful and with the ease of growth even in a small garden area, grow a few Mustard Greens.

Celery Steps Up To Your Plate

Getting healthy is no easy task, but celery juice is certainly a start on the road to recovery. The best way to do that is to work from the inside out. Put the proper nutrients into your body but first you want to flush the trash out. The poisons that build up in the body cause your skin to look rough and dull and your body to look puffy.

There are natural foods that detoxify your system. If your system is clean and free of inflammations the good stuff you put into your body can get where it belongs and you can be a more beautiful you.

There are everyday foods that are great for detoxifying. Juicing is the best way to get these detoxifying foods to the body. Celery juice is a good one it has sodium, natural sodium. If the saline level in your body is not kept up to par you can become dehydrated. The salt in celery helps our bodies utilize the nutrients that are put into it. The sodium in celery is organic and good for our bodies.

Celery deletes carbon dioxide from the body it also helps the body to regulate temperature. Celery counteracts acid in the body and it has a great deal of fiber. When the arteries get hardened there is too much calcium in the body, the best way to get rid of this calcium is sodium and celery produces this sodium.

Celery is good for the colon system because it is a cleanser; celery stimulates the elimination of urine from the body, it acts as a diuretic. It is a calming agent that is good for the nerves, and considered an Aphrodisiac.

Celery has been used for its medicinal powers for centuries. The winter months prove to be the best time to get celery but it is available year round. It is best to juice celery, but it is good cooked or in salads. It is an easy food to digest. It is interesting that one of the simplest foods can be so healthy for you and often the easiest to obtain. Celery is one of those foods. Celery is a food that basically brings the body back to normal.

When the body is in balance and we maintain it properly it works better. We put effort into maintaining our homes and cars along with any other items we use. We wash our dishes and clean our carpet. Certainly our bodies are worthy of proper maintenance.

Kidney Cleanse

Video on Kidney Cleanse

I found this on YouTube about a kidney cleansing and I thought it might help someone. It is cilantro and it is healthy either way.


You have heard the all of the good things about Bananas over and over, well, here it is again Bananas are one of the most popular foods and for good reason Bananas are filled with Potassium giving your body the ability to handle stress, and maintain energy the healthy way. Not enough is said about the Banana. The world is on an exercise plan but don’t plan without the Banana, it keeps the heart and the nervous system in shape not to mention the advantages to the muscles. Whether you run walk or ride a bike, the Banana is very important to the body. Consider Bananas work to help the bones and the kidneys making the Banana also good for the blood so enjoy.

Banana Smoothie

Need a quick energy boost while on the go try a tasty Banana smoothie. Protect your nervous system from the stress of the day by drinking this delicious snack. The banana is naturally sweet helping you to avoid the other sweet things that may be not so good for you.

1 banana

Cup of Milk- your choice (Soy or Reg.)

Flavoring of your choice


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    • Tiffany Latte profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from USA

      Thank you for reading. A cure for such a disease will take the cooperation and observations from as many people as possible, small and great. A scientist may find the cure from the observation of a farmer or someone looking at a twig. Thank you for leaving your thoughts.

    • poetryman6969 profile image


      3 years ago

      It is interesting that you mention food and Ebola since eating wrong kinds of foods, notably bushmeat might be contributing to the spread of Ebola.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for good post. for example- Mustard greens are a popular staple food item in several cultures. They are less commonly observed in United States cooking because they are in places elsewhere on the planet, but there is ample reason to incorporate mustard greens in your cooking.

      Read more on ""

    • profile image

      Jessica Goff 

      6 years ago

      If you juice mustard greens add a lemon and pear and dilute with water, especially if you are new to juicing! Other wise the taste might be a bit to much in the concentrated form! Great hub. Thanks for sharing. Also i always add ginger and sometimes and apple too. My 2 year old even likes this recipe!

    • gss profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      Gotta love the mustard greens. I have been eating them for many years and love them. Although, I do like to add some bacon grease into the pot as they are rendering down. Thanks.

    • Neil Sperling profile image

      Neil Sperling 

      7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

      Great Hub - Getting healthy is a life long job - but with cool foods it is a pleasure.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Good. Source of fibres

    • Tiffany Latte profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from USA

      Thanks for stopping

    • profile image

      Apple Juice Recipes 

      8 years ago

      Just looking around for information on specific juice recipes; I think it’s important that people take a stand by taking additional time out of their busy schedule to really monitor the kinds of foods and juices they’re allowing to infiltrate their body; excellent hub by the way.

    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 

      10 years ago from New Brunswick

      Mustard greens are a good food source that many do not consider, good hub, thanks.


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