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How to use Positive Thinking for your Health

Updated on March 24, 2013

Low Immune System?

Do you get sick a lot? Do you think your immune system is low? Do you catch everything that is going around? What if your health had everything to do with what you believed?

For years I have been coaching people how to balance their body using the principles of Ayurveda (If you don’t know what Ayurveda is don’t worry, you can look it up after you read my article). But what I discovered over my 10 years of working with clients and their health is that health had everything to do with their beliefs. Here are some basic questions you should ask yourself:

1) Do I get stressed easily?

2) Do I complain and find fault with others or myself?

3) Do I hold back my emotions?

4) Am I generally not happy?

5) Am I depressed?

If you answered yes to more than 3 of these questions then you most likely have a low immune system that makes you vulnerable to getting sick. You’ve heard the saying- health is a state of mind. From what I have experienced, that is true.

In order to boost your immune system and improve your health being positive is top of the list. Here are other factors that determine a strong healthy immune system:

1) Having a healthy work/play balance. Do you spend time enjoying life? This is key to keeping the immune system healthy. Your week should not be all work and then crash on the weekend. Get out and enjoy nature, your friends or a hobby.

2) Find the positive in life. People who are positive are generally healthier. This known fact has been proven in study after study. Even those diagnosed with a serious illness have been able to reverse their condition simply by being optimistic or seeing the positive in any situation.

3) Being aware of your thoughts and engaging in good feeling thoughts will boost your immune system. Every time you have a negative thought switch the thought to a positive by thinking the opposite. This, at first, is a chore. But after practice you will get better and better and changing the negative thought to more positive thoughts does get easier.

4) Having a way of letting go of built up stress. We all hold on to stress and having a way of releasing it will help your immune system. Different ways that I have found that help include but are not limited to exercise (yoga, hiking, walking, swimming, running), meditation, singing, spending time in nature and engaging in a hobby.

5) Detoxing the body or taking a break from an overly processed, sugary or high meat diet. Keeping your body cleaned out, which includes making sure your bowels are moving regularly, will help keep you healthy and your immune system high.

Having a healthy immune system will keep you free from colds and flues and keep other diseases at bay. Remember there is no better way to stay healthy than to incorporate a healthy positive state of mind.


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    • john000 profile image

      John R Wilsdon 16 months ago from Superior, Arizona

      The explanations of 1-5 are helpful. I have no doubt that good health is closely related to good being. Good hub.