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Healthy Snacks For Diabetes

Updated on September 24, 2014

Most diabetes patients do not know how to snack right. You are probably on a food sabbatical if you suffer from type 2 diabetes or opt for bland, tasteless snacks that make you want to puke. Snacks for diabetes need not be boring, you can enjoy a number of delicious snacks if you some suffer from diabetes and be able to manage your blood sugar levels.

Here is a low down on healthy snacks that are definitely going to make your diet for diabetes control delicious as well as satisfying.

Handful of Almonds Walnut Kernels Can Curb Blood Sugar

Nuts have a high fiber and protein content and are naturally rich in healthy fat. They are packed with vital nutrients that keep you healthy. Most nuts are slow to digest giving you a feeling of fullness for longer durations. A recent study shows that nuts, especially walnuts and almonds which were hitherto thought to be good for the heart are also the perfect to improve insulin insensitivity.

Eating a handful of almonds or walnuts will help you manage diabetes in a holistic manner. These nuts have the ability to boost endothelial function in diabetic patients. Endothelia are the cells that line your arteries and are among the first body part to be impacted when your blood sugar levels rise.

Whole Grain Crackers

You probably know that whole grain crackers are good for you and they are a great any time snack. Crackers made from whole wheat, oats or any other whole grains are rich in dietary fiber. It is the high fiber content that makes them beneficial for diabetic patients. The digestion process slows down when the diet is rich in fiber which attributes to a steady release of blood sugar.

Spread some peanut butter on the crackers, sprinkle some freshly ground cinnamon powder on top and you have yourself a delicious treat. Cinnamon according to ‘Ayurveda’ (ancient Indian medicine) has properties that reduce serum glucose levels.

Steady Blood Sugar Levels With Avocado And Balsamic Vinegar

Did you know balsamic vinegar can lower blood sugar levels? Well it can if it’s combined with the right foods. You can make a wonderful snack with avocado and balsamic vinegar. Drizzle some of it on freshly scooped avocado pulp and you have yourself a fantastic snack. Avocado is known to stable blood sugar levels because of its rich in healthy fats and high on fiber. It is also rich in minerals, particularly potassium, which stimulates nerve function and aids diabetic patients.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits, particularly pears and apples can be your ideal snack. They are low-calorie, high fiber, tasty, healthy fruits that you can have without guilt. Doctors recommend these high fiber fruits as they will satiate you without upsetting your sugar levels.

Sweet Potatoes Are An Excellent Diabetes Treat

Not everything with the word ‘sweet’ in it is taboo for you. Sweet potato sticks are a healthy snack option that you can try, even if you have diabetes.

With a lower glycemic index than most spuds sweet potatoes can actually assist in lowering insulin resistance and stabilizing blood sugar levels. They are rich in carotenoid which is known to help in diabetes management.

Calcium Rich Yogurt

According to research unflavored, unsweetened, low fat yogurt has power to prevent insulin resistance. Apart from that it’s rich in calcium and vitamins D, making it a healthy, anytime snack. Studies also reveal that calcium obtained from dairy products obstructs the absorption of fatty acids from the small intestine and hampers the growth of new fat cells. This can help quite a bit in weight management, a major cause for diabetes.

Healthy Snacks Keep Blood Sugar Levels In Check

High blood sugar levels can be worrisome, but a little planning into what you eat can work better than medication in controlling the problem. For a diabetic patient it is important to keep hypoglycemia under control by eating the right foods that do not increase blood sugar count.

The abovementioned snacks are high in fiber, slow to digest and healthy. These foods provide a steady release of blood sugar that will you manage the condition.

Even though these are healthy foods, do not over snack, as it will result in excessive calorie consumption which would add more blood sugar in your system than it requires.

To make the yogurt palatable add some pureed or finely chopped fresh fruits to it. Alternatively, use hung yogurt flavored with mint or pepper as a sandwich spread or dip.

Enjoy A Popcorn Snack

Everybody loves popcorn! And you’ll be happy to know that popcorn can also help you manage blood sugar levels. The trick is in eating the low-fat, low-sodium variety.

What makes popcorn such a great choice for snacking is that it is whole grain, and hence rich in fiber. It is also low calorie food that is packed with antioxidants making it the ideal snack for people trying to cope with diabetes and blood sugar. When popping your own corn use olive oil or canola oil instead of butter.

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