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How to Be Happy

Updated on August 19, 2018
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Rebecca loves sharing what she knows about alternative medicine, health, frugal living, fun, animals, and how to live a better life!

Accept Yourself!

How often do you wonder who you are, and how you can just be happy? It's much more common in your early 20's and 30's to feel a little discontent, but by middle age, you may find you ask yourself this pretty regularly.

In the time I've had so far on this planet, I've discovered one main thing for a happy life. Be yourself. Be yourself with conviction. You don't have to be the smartest, richest, or most attractive person, you just have to love who you are. Life really is "what you make it" and how you see it, as well as the ACTION you put into it! You don't have to torment yourself by trying to live by someone else's moral compass, religious codes, or societies standards.

Find your self-confidence and reward yourself for it.

Stop worrying about what you do, what you own, what you wear, and who is looking at you, or what they are thinking. You are a marvelous creation, a miracle, don't waste one more moment of your precious life energy worrying about anything other than what you are, and what you are doing! And stop associating yourself with people who expect you to justify your life to them. This includes-family, co-workers, in-laws, children, friends. Ask yourself how it makes you feel. If you find things make you feel bad, get them out of your life!

Where is the grass greener?

The grass isn't greener on the other side.

The grass is greener where you water it!

Stop waiting for life to give you what you want, and go after it!

Truly accept yourself and get honest. In all your greatness and glory, in all your ugliness and error. Embrace every fiber and cell of who you are. When done right, this will take time and reflection, honest reflection and perhaps constructive criticism. But it is worth it! Live with integrity & honesty! Own your choices and actions and take responsibility for them. Remain true to yourself, and life will reward you in ways you never thought possible, but don't sit idle thinking life will just give you what you want!

Although I'm a firm believer in manifesting one's own destiny, you have to be willing to act on what you want to make you happy! Set a goal, go back to school, join a dating site! Whatever you need to do to fulfill your desires for happiness, DO IT! Don't put it off. We are only promised the moment we have.

Self-acceptance does not see color, heritage, poverty, gender, judgements in itself, or others.

Self-acceptance is often a virtue we don't give enough credit to. Life blooms in front of you when you truly accept who you are. Have confidence that you are exactly "who and what" you are meant to be! ONLY after you have done this can you really accept others, learn from them, love them, inspire and guide them, influence their life, enjoy life with them, let them go as they discover their own life journey and not be judgmental, controlling, jealous, envious, demanding, or needy. When you love who you are, you can release yourself from your past, embrace your present, and be excited about the future! You are free to dream, create and visualize everything you want and welcome it with open arms as it comes to fruition.

Find a mantra that you can say to yourself daily. Something inspirational, something that makes you remember how great it is to be YOU!

Life loves you. Wants to sustain you. It wants you to be happy, healthy, inspired! Let life be this. Discard negativity, cast out negative thoughts. Let a radiance of positive energy flow through you, and out of you to the world.

Never doubt your own value and worth. You have a purpose here. You were not an accident. You are not a mistake.

As you travel through yourself and discover who you are and become confident in your value, share it with the world! We all have a responsibility to make this world a better place!

© 2010 Rebecca


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