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Hearing Loss in a Children

Updated on December 5, 2017

Hearing loss in children

About 5% of the world's population (about 360 million people) has hearing loss with deafness and disability, of which over 32 million are children, mainly in low and middle-income countries.

Awareness plays a crucial role in children's learning of language, mastery of knowledge and integration into society. Children with hearing loss have difficulties in receiving education and social interaction, so it will be of great benefit if they can be diagnosed early and given proper intervention.

According to WHO, about 60% of children's hearing loss can be avoided. If hearing loss is unavoidable, children need to be fully exploited through measures such as hearing reconstruction, education and empowerment. To achieve this goal, both parties need to work together to take action.

Causes of hearing the loss in children?

There are many causes of hearing loss, including congenital factors and acquired factors, the former refers to birth or birth occurs shortly after the congenital hearing loss, which refers to the hearing loss occurred in childhood. Hearing loss may be the result of a combination of multiple factors, but it is sometimes difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the hearing loss. Possible causes of hearing loss in children include:

  • Genetic factors: About 40% of children's hearing loss caused by genetic factors. Evidence shows that offspring born of close relatives or close relatives have a higher probability of hearing loss. Congenital or auditory nerve deformities due to genetic or environmental factors may be the cause of hearing loss.
  • Labor factors: including premature birth, low birth weight, neonatal asphyxia and neonatal jaundice.
  • Infections: Infections such as rubella and cytomegalovirus during pregnancy can cause hearing loss in newborns. In addition, meningitis, measles and mumps can cause hearing loss. Ear infections, such as chronic suppurative otitis media, are very common in low-income countries. In addition to causing hearing loss, ear infections may also cause fatal complications.
  • Otorhinolaryngeal diseases: Common otorhinolaryngeal diseases such as embolism (earwax buildup) and eustachian tube obstruction caused by ear hydrops (non-suppurative otitis media) can also cause hearing loss in children.
  • Noise: prolonged use of large volume Use of personal audio playback devices such as smartphones, MP3s and the like may cause hearing loss. A short period of high-decibel noise such as fireworks can cause permanent hearing loss. In addition, equipment noise in neonatal intensive care units can cause hearing loss.
  • Drugs: used to treat neonatal infections, malaria, drug-resistant TB and cancer and other drugs, because of their ototoxicity, can lead to hearing loss. In many areas, especially in areas where drug use is not standardized, ototoxic drugs are often used to treat children's common infections.

Take action without delay, here to tell you how to act!

Prevention and care strategies have?

Measures must be taken to reduce the incidence of hearing loss and improve its prognosis. Governments, public health agencies, social service organizations, educational institutions and civil society organizations should work together to promote prevention and control of hearing loss.

  • Strengthen maternal and child health planning, including immunization and the establishment of organizations for people with hearing loss;
  • Implement infant and school hearing screening programs;
  • Training health professionals in hearing health;
  • Provide listening equipment and various communication methods;
  • Regulate and monitor the use of ototoxic drugs and environmental noise levels;
  • Increase public awareness Protect hearing and reduce stigma.


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