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Help! My Dogs Are Barking! Tips To Ease Aching Feet!

Updated on January 8, 2010

The other day my wife walked in the door from a long day at work, sat down on the couch, kicked off her shoes and exclaimed…"Whew! My dogs are barking!" "No they aren't," I replied, "the dogs are right here and they are being perfectly quiet!" Only after she gave me an annoyed look (she thought I was playing with her) did I realize that she meant her feet hurt. Did you know that approximately 75% of Americans, at one point or another, have trouble with their feet? I guess that should not be a big surprise…after all, each foot contains over 20 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and over 15 muscles! Who knew!?

You might be amazed to learn that the reason most people suffer from feet ailments at one point or another is because of ill-fitting (not to mention uncomfortable) shoes and simple neglect. Personally, I am not surprised. If you saw the high-heeled pointed pumps that my wife jams her feet into on a daily basis…you probably wouldn't be surprised either! Thankfully, there are things you can do to ease your dogs…and yes, get them to stop barking.

Nothing beats a good foot massage!
Nothing beats a good foot massage!

How to Ease Your Aching Feet!

Elevate, Elevate, Elevate!

If you are on your feet all day and they are simply killing you by the time you get home…the best thing you can do is take off your shoes, sit on the couch, and put your feet up! Elevate your feet at a 45 degree angle and slowly move your toes. By doing this, you will increase the blood circulation to your feet which in turn will make them feel better! Relax for about twenty minutes before walking again.

Massage Away!

Massage is a wonderful way to ease aching feet! If you have a willing partner (many people don't like the idea of touching another person's feet) have them give your feet a nice massage with baby oil. Make sure they massage the entire foot (don't forget the toes, heel, and arch!). A good massage will increase blood circulation, ease aching muscles…and just feel plain good!

Don't even think about wearing a shoe like this if you want healthy and happy feet!
Don't even think about wearing a shoe like this if you want healthy and happy feet!

A Good Soaking!

Another thing you can do to relieve aching and tired feet is to give them a good soaking. People have been soaking their tootsies for many, many years…so this is a tried-and-true method! Simply fill up a basin with warm water and add 1 to 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts and soak away! Once you are done, be sure to pat your feet completely dry and then apply a nice, fragrant moisturizer or foot cream. Skin care is important people…even the skin on your feet!

Save Your Soul…Oops, I mean Sole!

Shoes are one of the main culprits when it comes to foot pain. Next time you buy a new pair of kicks (that is slang for shoes…at least that is what my eleven year old Nephew told me) look for a pair that have a thick and comfortable sole. Shoes that have thick soles often absorb more "shock" as you walk….which is a good thing! When you notice that your soles are becoming worn and or thin…either replace them or buy another pair of shoes. As for the ladies out there….if you have foot problems…you might have to sacrifice fashion for healthy feet. Sorry to tell you this…but those thin soled, pointy, extremely HIGH heeled shoes that you wear on a daily basis….well, they are murder on your feet!

Am I Hot or Am I Cold?

Another great way to wake up tired feet and have them feeling fresh and rejuvenated in no time is to sit on the edge of your bathtub and run hot and cold water over them. Alternating between the two temperatures will "wake up your feet"…just be sure to end with cold water so that they stay awake. Ha! Be sure that the water temperature (whether it be hot or cold) is comfortable to you. If you have diabetes or impaired circulation due to another health problem, talk to your doctor before doing this exercise as exposing your feet to two different temperatures so quickly can be dangerous.

When your boss isn't looking...put your feet up!
When your boss isn't looking...put your feet up!

Take Care of Your Feet!

Taking care of your feet is very important…after all, they are the only pair you have! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and if necessary (and you are able) take a short break and put your feet up! If you are lucky enough to have someone that is willing to massage your feet….go for it! Massage is a wonderful way to ease aches and pains…as well as increase blood circulation. Take care of your dogs! If you don't, they will be barking in no time!


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    • profile image

      Nancy 7 years ago

      AMEN to that one! I have to say I agree 110%!


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