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Herpes and Exercise - Discover How Improving Herpes and Fitness Will Help You Control The Herpes Simplex Virus

Updated on May 11, 2012

Herpes and Exercise

Herpes and Exercise
Herpes and Exercise

Herpes and Exercise - A Perfect Combination

If you have herpes and exercise you may have stumbled upon an effective treatment for herpes that could actually reduce the severity and the number of herpes outbreaks while at the same time enhance your overall total well being.

Its a well known fact that exercise can help a person with health conditions such as heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis but did you know that it can also help reduce herpes outbreaks too?

Engaging in moderate exercise activities helps to strengthen the body's immune system and in tun helps to reduce the body's weaknesses to the herpes simplex virus. Whats even more amazing is that if you have herpes and exercise, moderate exercise has been proven to reduce the stress-related hormone widely considered to trigger herpes outbreaks!

Herpes and Stress Reduction
Herpes and Stress Reduction

Herpes and Stress - Reduce Stress to Improve Your Body's Immune System

Stress has been confirmed to cause outbreaks to be much more repeated and much more serious. Therefore the more relaxed you are the less outbreaks you could suffer from.

Reducing stress and improving your body's immune system through regular exercise doesn't mean that you have to spend hours in the gym.  You don’t need to invest hours inside the gym “pumping iron” or become excessive over your exercise routine . Merely discovering small means of getting physical exercise into your every day life is a good idea.  Simply committing to a moderate exercise plan in small amounts like daily walks, a leisurely jog through the park or simply walking your dog will greatly help restore balance to your body.

Herpes and Fitness
Herpes and Fitness

Don't Over Do It - Too Much of A Good Thing Can Hurt You!

Those who have the herpes and exercise are cautioned that too much of a good thing could hurt. Numerous research studies have shown that repetitive high intensity exercise may suppress the immune system for a short period of time and may increase the chance of experiencing herpes outbreaks.

The "open window" time period, as it is known, lasts somewhere between 3 and 72 hours after an intense workout. During this time, the herpes virus might have the chance to move through the body.

The important thing to remember is to increase the intensity of your workouts gradually.  That way its not a "shock" to your body or its immune system.

Exercise, Herpes Diet and Plenty of Rest

Although engaging in routine workouts plays a critical role in a healthy immune system, there are still additional factors that needs to be addressed. Factors such as environmental, diet and emotional affects. Herpes and exercise along with a herpes diet and adequate rest will combine for a healthy and safe treatment for herpes.


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