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Home Remedies and Cures

Updated on March 12, 2011

Home remedies have been used for centuries as natural cures to some of the most common ailments. For everything from acne to stomach ulcers, there is more than likely a simple solution right in your garden or kitchen that can treat your symptoms just as effectively as some pricier over the counter remedies or even prescription medications. We live in a time when stress and inadequate diet wreak irreparable havoc on our bodies. Because of this, illness and diseases such as cancer, acid reflux, and high blood pressure are more prevalent than ever before.

Fortunately, the solution is often much simpler than we realize. It makes sense that if a problem in our bodies is caused by an imbalance that the solution involves supplementing our nutrition with readily available natural cures. Simply changing our diet and incorporating routine exercise as a means to regulate stress is often not enough. Herbal remedies and at home cures can help to restore an imbalance in the body much faster and more effectively. 

The Benefits of Using Home Remedies

Home remedies and readily available natural cures offer several advantages over traditional medicine.  The first advantage of using home remedies is cost. Prescription medications and even over the counter treatments can be very expensive. However, for many different kinds of ailments and conditions, there are often several home remedies and natural cures within reach that can be just as effective. Aside from the cost of medications, patients are often faced with high doctor bills and the cost of medical testing. Relying on proven home remedies and at home cures can help keep a lot of money in your pocket for other priorities.

Another advantage of using home remedies is that there are virtually no side effects to this form of treatment. Each day, we continue to learn more about the potential dangers of long term use of many prescription drugs and over the counter treatments as more dangerous side effects are discovered and more drugs are recalled. We can save ourselves from a lot of these sometimes fatal side effects and health consequences by using home remedies and holistic cures instead.

History of Home Remedies

Home cures and natural remedies date back almost to the beginning of civilization. Numerous Native American tribes and early cultures relied on plant-based medicines to treat and cure many kinds of illnesses. While there were may not have been nearly as many diseases and strains of bacteria to contend with in earlier times, these home remedies and natural cures are still just as effective as they were back then. Native American medicine men traditionally held the secret of many plant cures, and passed this knowledge down from generation to generation. Since many of these natural cures were passed along by word of mouth, there is still very little of this information available in print. While some home remedies have been proven over time, others are still regarded as folklore. Discerning which types of plants and common solutions make the best home remedies continues to be an ongoing science.


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