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Natural remedies to lower high blood pressure or hypertension

Updated on February 1, 2015

Reducing High Blood Pressure naturally and easily:

Hypertension or high blood pressure, is also known as "silent killer". It might be showing no external symptoms for long time but internally damaging your organs at a fast pace. Finally, when the symptoms start to show up, it could be in the form of swelling of legs, headache, chronic fatigue, vertigo, drowsiness or frequent urination. If blood pressure is not managed in time, consequences can be quite severe. It includes heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and many more. However, this dangerous situation can be avoided by using simple natural methods. There are many ancient herbs by which reducing blood pressure naturally is very easy and simple.

Firstly, the diagnosis of the disease and proper medication under the guidance of doctor is very critical. Once the blood pressure is normal, medication can be slowly reduced using natural remedies under the supervision of doctor. The simple techniques discussed below can help to reduce high blood pressure naturally without pain or adverse side effects. All suggestions are for the purpose of information only. Allergy advice and precaution is required before following any below information.

In ancient times, natural herbs were used to heal people. The approach was integrated and the herbs used to heal the whole body together. Some of the common natural remedies for high blood pressure are:

Garlic | Source

Simple and easily available herbs to lower high blood pressure naturally

1. Garlic has a long history of being used as a medicine by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese. It is very beneficial for cardiovascular health. It has significant lipid lowering effect. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol. It can be used as fresh or dehydrated. In many cultures, it is used as a common seasoning in food. When added to food, it increases the taste of food and there is less need of salt. It is an excellent source to reduce high blood pressure naturally. However, it can cause bleeding if taken in excess and precaution is required. One or two cloves of garlic per day is the suggested recommendation for adults. It can be easily found in grocery shops.

Ginger | Source

2. Ginger is also beneficial for high blood pressure. It helps to thin the blood, thus decreasing the blood pressure. It helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels. It is good for the overall health as well as the heart. It is very beneficial to help lower your blood pressure naturally. It is also famous for its use against nausea, vomiting and arthritis. It can be added as a seasoning to your diet. It adds taste to the food. However, only a small amount, like 2g per day is to taken under the guidance of doctor. It is easily available in grocery shops and also sold as supplement in pharmacy shops.

Fennel | Source

3. Fennel seed is an excellent source of potassium and helps to negate the effects of sodium. It is a good source of calcium and helps to reduce inflammation. It is good for cardiovascular health and helps in naturally reducing high blood pressure. It also helps in weight loss. It can be added to the tea. Precaution is required while using it. The amount needs to be small like one or two spoons per day for an adult under the guidance of doctor. It is available in health shops or it can be easily purchased online.

4. Fenugreek seed is a spice rich in dietary fiber and potassium. It helps to lower cholesterol levels in blood and control your weight. It can be added to the food to add flavor and gain good health simultaneously. It helps in naturally reducing high blood pressure. It has other health benefits like regulation of blood sugar levels and relief from backaches. It is commonly found in health shops. It needs to be taken in small amount too. For best results, it can be soaked in water at night. In the morning, it can taken in empty stomach with water. However, doctor's consultation and guidance is required.

Natural remedies help us to regain control of our own bodies and help us to heal ourselves. They can help in lowering blood pressure naturally. We don't need to spend millions of money on pills that make us addicted to them. Medicines tend to weaken our immune system and make us prone to more diseases. We can save ourselves from this epidemic if we decide to take responsibility for our own health. So, take the decision today!


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