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My Cure for Cold Sores or Herpes Simplex

Updated on December 26, 2013

What are Cold Sores?

Actually, I don't know what cold sore are. I have read all sorts of ideas about causes, viruses, being 'run down' and so on, but everything I read seems to be someones hypothesis. There seems to be no real understanding of the underlying cause.

Cold sores appear on the lips and genitals and a frequency of between two and four episodes per year seems to be common. It may be of some use to a doctor to differentiate the two by some diagnosis or other, but the problem for the patient is equally difficult wherever the episode occurs.

In fact my thinking is, there is an underlying cause that ALLOWS the emergence of the herpes virus to raise its painful, disfiguring and ugly head every now and then, much to the consternation of the victim.

What compounds my thinking that subset illnesses, like herpes, are little understood is that treatments are topical and applied when the disease occurs, instead of finding a way to prevent any episodes occurring at all.

Surely if the disease were the result of a missing topical chemical treatment, it would never reoccur after the treatment, and the treatment would then be classed as a cure? So topicals, whilst offering some relief, were not an answer for me.

My Cold Sores

I had herpes simplex for about forty years, from about the age of early puberty on wards. My mother had them and my grandmother had them, so there was some speculation that we had either inherited them or cross infected each other.

My herpes or cold sores, appeared on my lips. When I was young the episodes were wider apart, maybe once per year, were small and didn't last long. As i grew older they increased in frequency and size, occasionally spreading onto my face and cheek and were very difficult to manage. I worked in a retail environment, and it was pretty disfiguring and embarrassing.

Each episode would rage away for the first few days, what self limited it's progression, I just don't know, but after a few days it would stop growing, then start to heal.

I was never sure which was worse, the manifestation period or the healing. As they healed they would split and crack and bleed profusely. I would end up with big dark red crusts on my lips, covered with blobs of make up the try to hide them and had to restrict my sense of humour for a week whilst they healed - every grimmace was disastrous!

Cold Sores - My Thoughts

I now believe cold sores are a subset disease as a result of my compromised immune system.

There may be several immune systems all working at different speeds to combat interlopers and disease within the human body.

I believe The command centre for these immune systems is the Central Metabolic Control System (CMCS) in the brain. The element that underpins the optimal operation of these immune systems is the ability of the CMCS to select the correct operating set points. If the CMCS is not selecting correct set points then immune systems will operate incorrectly and errors will creep in.

I think the body is very clever and when something goes wrong it is rarely major as the body finds a work around, I often put these minor twinges down to aging. However, occasionally something big and much more serious breaks and if the immune systems are compromised the body cannot deal with it and this then may become a bigger problem.

In my humble opinion operating body temperature is one of the master components that underpins the immune systems. It is interesting to note that about 40% of the populations have incorrectly selected set points resulting in a low body temperature.

Low body temperature occur for few couple of reasons, for example ancestral history.

I had a low body temperature which I believe compromised my immune system and I had herpes simplex . I fixed my body temperature and my immune system has enabled me to not have an episode of herpes simplex since.

How I Cured My Herpes Simplex

I optimised my immune system and reset my low operating set point.

For fifty plus years I had lived with a body temperature that cycled at 35.8C during the daytime and 35C at nighttime. As I aged, I realised I was aging prematurely, many things were breaking and I had a lot of accumulated illnesses. These illnesses culminated in breast cancer at the age of 51. This was the trigger I needed to start to investigate my health issues.

After around a year of investigating, I came to the conclusion my body temperature was an issue. I searched for anyone in the world who had come to the same conclusion and had managed to fix it. I found Steve Richfield. Steve is the only Central metabolic Control System therapist in the world. Lucky me!

I contacted Steve and very quickly embarked on a resetting protocol. Steve works by supporting self help. In other words he simply enables self healing. It was a very tough process to go through and I believe it took me between two and three years to consolidate the initial reset process.

After optimising my immune system and resetting my body temperature to 37C many of my subset illnesses started to simply disappear, I had nasal polyps, painful joints, acne, dry cracked skin especially on my feet, pompholyx... in fact I had a lot of small annoying problems, but one by one as my immune system began to operate optimally, they have gone. Neither have I had another episode of herpes or cold sores.

Optimising my immune system and resetting my low body temperature has not cured every ailment I have ever had, and I am still aware I am a cancer survivor, but now I feel very well in myself and that gives me very much more hope for my future.

My Lips now


How I fixed my Cold Sores

  • Reset my low body temperature to 37C or 98.6F

My Lips Now

It is incredibly difficult to demonstrate that I haven't had a cold sore for three years. I could have taken a photograph of my lips every day for the last 1000 days and they would all look the same.

My lips used to be very cracked and dry and would often just crack and bleed even without the cold sores. If I am cold they do feel dry, if I am out in very cold weather I can tell when I need to go inside and warm up by how dry my lips feel. It is a very good indicator to me about how my immune system is operating.

This photograph shows that at the time of capture my temperature is at 37C, my lips are smooth and soft.

© 2013 Janey Hood


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    • Janey Hood profile image

      Janey Hood 3 years ago from UK

      Hi Tom

      There a a few ways to do this, my method was by brute force, I spent two weeks using heat, forcing my temperature to 37C or 98.6F every day and keeping it there until eventually I stopped sweating and started to be comfortable at 37C or 98.6F. This established my new, preferred set point. Then I spent pretty much the next two years babysitting my set point every time it crashed, I pulled it back up.

      Other people have used thyroid drugs or even adrenals. The reasons for choosing different methods really depend on whether you indeed have central hypothermia, what might be the causal factors and the results of some simple testing.

      Resetting temperatures is very, very difficult, I can't emphasise that enough, it took a huge amount of commitment and determination and is a project for life. I could only have done this supported, never alone.

      Currently I still operate every day for most of the day at 37C or 98.6F.

      My subset ailments are continually attended to by my immune system. If however I have a set point crash, which happens every so often, some of the ailments can start to present, I simply warm back up for fix them and reassert my set point.

      I hope this helps answer your question a little. The process isn't as simple as at first it might seem, however support is readily available, I can now do a little Central Metabolic Control System Therapy having been in training for four years, but of course, Steve Richfield is the guru.

    • profile image

      Tom 3 years ago

      Hi, How did you raise your body temp?