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If I Could Freeze Time

Updated on July 13, 2012
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Just a silly timeline of where, when and why I would like to be able to either stop time completely or speed it up to avoid the monotony of everyday life. Very detailed from when I wake to when I go to bed. Some of it may make you laugh or at the very least bring a smile to your face.

6:15 AM - Usually about this time I would very lazily drag myself out of bed, slip into my clothing, eat some oatmeal and basically get myself ready for work. But as soon as the alarm goes off I would freeze time and roll over for at least another solid 3 hours on sleep. At the end of it I would leisurely rise and have a decent shower, breakfast and say goodbye to my wife and kids.

7:30 AM - I won't get too detailed on my day job, I will say it isn't the worst job in the world but it can be trying at times. In this instance I would speed time up until lunch and then freeze while I have a long lunch. At least longer then the 30 minutes I normally get. The I would continue to speed it up until the end of the day.

12:30 PM - On days where I am only at work for half days I generally need to send out a large amount of packages for my customers on ebay/Etsy and others. I would freeze time in this instance as I am often battling the clock to prepare and send the mail before my children come home from school at which point the mail would already be sent out for the day. Many times we have had a hard time making it home and occasionally just minutes before the show up at the door.

5:00 PM - In this case when it is my turn to make supper I would freeze time. I am often doing other work at the same time and supper can take me two hours to make when I and trying to do two or three jobs at once.

10:00 PM - The time that should be my bed time. I often end up finishing odds and ends of work, and needing a bath, and am slow getting ready for bed and by the time you know it is midnight or later. I would freeze it at ten and finish everything. Allow it to resume after I am laying in bed.

There are quite a few other instances where I would really like to either freeze or speed up time.

FAMILY GATHERINGS - Sorry to anyone who just loves these, I am a strong supporter of family, the family unit, etc. however during these extended family gatherings you often find yourself sound by slack jawed yokels that seem to get more and more hick the more time goes on. After listening to many obnoxious outbursts and much tedious conversation I am just glad when it's over. I would without a doubt speed up these "of so fun" times.

WAITING AT THE DOCTORS OFFICE - I'm really not sure how it is in the US but here in Canada just because healthcare is free (really it isn't anyway we pay for our drugs, crutches, ambulance rides and just about everything else except seeing the actual doctor) doesn't mean it is easy to get. I once spent 8 hours (no joke) waiting in an emergency room to see a doctor. This isn't uncommon and I don't think I have gone to see a doctor before ever without waiting at least a few hours to see him. These times I would definitely speed up.

OTHER - I would speed up bus rides, walks for health, household cleaning and jobs. I Would freeze relaxing times, travelling trips, etc.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment and let me know what you would speed up and freeze in your life. I am really interested to hear about it.


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