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Masks Of our Personality

Updated on February 15, 2012

Mask of our lives. I guess you can relate with just that first statement. I find that myself included we all have a set of masks we put on for every situation that happens upon or lives. We can change the masks in the moment we need to. Every mask is unique their own interpretation, chosen or seen is one we have crafted out of our own ingenuity. Over time as we treat each mask more and more we create masks that affect us into a comfort zone. We do this because sometimes it is easier to deal with the realities of different situations wearing a mask then stand before others defenseless. What is the best way to rid ourselves of these shadows and masks we find ourselves doing?

Looking within and seeing these abandoned shadows as they become more and more routine with each use. This is the painful part these sub conscious masks that we have created for ourselves don’t like to be called in by name. If, the conscious becomes self-aware in the better you are at getting control of the emotions and controls that come with it. Whether, or not we even remember why these shadows are created we have to call them to be able to destroy them. That is the original comfort zone you want to target to call out these masks in our conscious.

As, most of us have started by containing or writing down our thoughts and feelings on paper looks well done the hard part is actually starting. Even after you acknowledge the existence and come to terms with the process. Coming to terms with what the shadow is the first step. We need to keep the shadows at bay by not following them and allowing it to take a life of its own. We have to be patient with ourselves as we begin to heal and now it is going to take time to full release. We will even feel overwhelmed or tell we have to give up if we have a setback. But these tests of the masks are your chance to shine. Each test you come to will allow you to see the next in a different light. As, we complete each mountain we will no longer have them they will become less and less. As we learn to overcome and form new true self habits. These masks the once held us in bondage, and held their grip tight, will disappear and we will be left to stand on our own strong.

With all mask, we need to take time to self-analyze with the mask we have created and what their possible benefit certainly is. Remove the masks and look at ourselves through new eyes. Then if, you truly need it because it reflects who you are then keep it. Eventually though you will find that as we examine each mask the masks will automatically disappear and you will always notice a true difference in the life you live and the faith you have.


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  • k@ri profile image

    Kari Poulsen 

    8 years ago from Ohio

    Wonderful hub! As you say, the knowing is just the beginning, but we can overcome! :D

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    8 years ago from London, UK

    That is a great and inspiring hub. Thank you.

  • mega1 profile image


    8 years ago

    masks are one of my favorite topics - I try not to use them in real, everyday, down to earth, workaday world life, but I can see how they might be addictive!

  • 50 Caliber profile image

    50 Caliber 

    8 years ago from Arizona

    The "real self" "Projected self" and the "perceived self" a zoo all locked up in one! great write, peace 50


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