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How To Be Happier Without Stuffs

Updated on June 25, 2014

Words of wisdom from ancient philosophers tell us that happiness is from within. From the likes such as Buddha, Aristotle, Lao Tzu, etc..Even Dr. Sues has the same saying that goes something like this " be who you are, those who matters don't mind and those who mind don't matter. .Although they demonstrate it, however, they never really explain it to us exactly what they meant. They never explain it in simple words, in everyday language. I notice that in the modern age, most of us have Attention Disorders (ADHD) thus we do not have time devoting to study these people's lives. So I will attempt to explain what it means to be truly happy and confident. Although it may sound paradoxical on the surface but very useful and practical.

Typically, people are confident because of their new car, money, social status, success, and confident due to hallucinates such as drugs or alcohol. Not to mention fake manners to be socially acceptable and well liked. Things that are external of one's self, more of a material matters. However, these things can disappear anytime due to changes or life's circumstances. One day you can go broke or your girlfriend with big tits left you or worse cheated on you. Or your wife decided to divorce and take everything away from you included the kids. Hence, this type self esteem and confident is not reliable because it is fickle. This will produce a fearful, insecure, delusional, controlling men. The civilized men that had been indoctrinated, the wretches creatures, like ravenous wolves that once has tasted human flesh, refused to eat anything else. He requires constant social validation, drugs, and entertainment--a hedonistic wretches creature.

However, there is one kind of personality that will endure. Even thought lacking in everything in the material world. It involves enlightenment, freewill, and freedom. Mostly The freedom to be yourself, the freedom to say what you want to say. Accept yourself as you are. Accept the world as it is, and let go. Not afraid to fail and fail purposely many times just to learn from it. Not care what happened but only how to respond to such situation. Not giving a fuck anymore about popular opinions but the courage to slash your own path. The freedom to rise above social expectations and social stigmas. What is success? What is failure? What is beauty? Who appointed these people as judges? Other than flawed men themselves. And tell everyone who doesn't like you to go fuck themselves. You just simply want to be you, and not anyone's lackey. Self love, self belief, self preservation is your main objective. Your focus will mainly be your well-beings, thus once it is met, there is no reason for you to resort to vices because there is no gain in doing so. You might not have many friends or will lose some, but I say fuck them. You don't want to spent the rest of your life faking it and act all timid. You want to be free. Now this is what I am talking about because this will endure. Because even lacking in everything you will never be miserable, because misery is not consists in lacking of things but the needs in which they inspired.


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