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How To Be More Productive When Bored

Updated on October 15, 2014

Stop Procrastinating!

If you're reading this, it probably means that you want to deal with your procrastination. Let me tell you, I feel your pain!

I've been a procrastinator since i can remember and just recently I've started to change my way. That's why i want to share my small experience with fellow procrastinators and help you to be more productive in those moments of boredom!

The main and simplest thing to do, in all honesty, is to stop procrastinating! Things don't get done on their own. By the end of this hub, you'll have all my tips and support to modify your lifestyle, bit by bit.

Lets start!

Are you bored out of your mind?

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Stop Procrastinating!
Stop Procrastinating!

Start Somewhere!

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Doesn't matter how small that step is or easy. One small effort towards being more productive is a sign of change and that's how it starts.

My first step against my lack of productivity was cutting down my web browsing. It's amazing the amount of time one can lose just by scrolling through the web.

Many days, that i had a ton of things to do it would all be postponed because the hours just went by while browsing! Finally, i decided to start managing my time in a better way. I started small, and cut off my browsing time slowly. After a bit of time in the computer, i'd do a task. Then another break, and another task. Really similar to a little child with a work/reward system, i know! But it worked for me!

Just start somewhere and find the best way to slowly change!

Cut Off Social Media And E-Mail

What's the first thing that we do when we're bored or have any single second free? Check our social media and e-mail! In fact, i'm constantly checking my e-mail, which is really time consuming in the long run.

The problem with being constantly checking these things up, it's the amount of time that "little" check up takes. It feels like a minute, but in the end of the day, hours went by within social media and e-mails!

When you're bored, fight the urge to check up on these sites! Try to use them only twice a day. Impose limits on yourself! In the end it will be worth it and you'll realize how much time we spend on that stuff.

Multi-tasking isn't the way to go!
Multi-tasking isn't the way to go!

Stop The Multi-Tasking Madness!

Remember how your grandma would make that shopping list or chore list in a notepad? Time to go back to that! In all seriousness, no need to be so extreme! But, in order to be more productive, one should focus on a single task.

Nowadays, people insanely multi-task, especially new adults from this high tech generation. However, multi-tasking doesn't mean productivity. It feels like it because we're doing so much things at the same time and getting it all done simultaneously. Sadly, in the end it takes longer than doing it task by task because without devoting full attention, the task takes a lot longer to finish!

Feeling bored while working? Don't try to squeeze more tasks while working just because you're bored! It will take you longer to finish, and you won't enjoy what else you're doing to kill the nasty boredom! Working while on Facebook may seem appetizing, but your productivity will be close to non-existent!

The Myth of Multitasking: How "Doing It All" Gets Nothing Done
The Myth of Multitasking: How "Doing It All" Gets Nothing Done

Deconstructs the myth of multi-tasking being more productive.


Get A Procrastinator Partner!

That might sound counter productive, but in my experience it pinned out extremely well!

The point isn't to procrastinate together! If it works out that way, then the wonder duo should split! The goal is to team up with a fellow procrastinator, who also wants to be more productive! It's way better to improve with a friend, than alone.

Set up things with him/her and cross things off your list!

One of my friends, the god of procrastination let his ID card expire and didn't renew it for a full year. That was until i took him there to renew the damn thing! From that point onward, we started to do a few tasks together so the other wouldn't slack!

Meet up and get things DONE!

Guilt Trips

Whenever you're feeling bored and you don't want to do anything, there's always the finisher, GUILT TRIPS.

I really hate to compare people to each other or myself for that matter. Sometimes it works though. Whenever, you're bored out of your mind and you're just procrastinating, one thing that works like a charm is making yourself feel bad.

Sad, right?

It is. But it works! Compare yourself to your buddies, that are working hard while you're sitting doing nothing. Or think about things you should have done and didn't. It's a massive kick in the balls, but it does the trick. An insane boost of productivity comes after the guilt trip.

When the effects of the guild trip end, rinse and repeat!

Be productive instead of bored!
Be productive instead of bored!

Stop Being Bored!

Sometimes you only need to stop being bored to be able to get things done! If you're constantly feeling bored, just go out of your way to do something refreshing and exciting! Who knows, afterwards you just won't let yourself be bored again!

What's The First Thing You When You're Bored?

One easy fix to being bored is doing something you love... All the time.

Sometimes the answer is easy and it might be for you. What's the first thing you when you get bored? That just might be the right thing for you to do with your life. If it doesn't bore you, it's because you love it and that might be the path to follow!

Scrolling through Facebook might not cut the chase as a professional career, so please don't take it too literally!

Rock On!

Nothing kills boredom like a good mix of music! If you're about to let the day slide, just put an electrifying set of music and go do what you must! Even if it's just working out, it's a good exercise to kill the procrastination habit!

Music does wonders for me. Maybe it will for you too!

Ready To Be More Productive?

Hopefully, my personal experiences and list will help you to be more productive!

Don't waver and focus on your goals, even if procrastinating is easy, accomplishing feels better! Stay strong fellow procrastinators!

Ready to go?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      OMG! This is so true. And can you see the irony in that? You are bored while doing something or because of being bored you are unable to work (and stop boredom). I envy all those people who do something so fascinating that they lost the track of time!

      I have a tendency to put things off when they are boring and, of course, this kind of procrastination is a real productivity killer. Sometimes, instead of finishing all my work when I'm at the office I have to take it home. It causes additional frustration. Next day I'm even more tired and bored. That's a real vicious circle.

      Anyway, I recently read an interesting article about things we do to procrastinate at work, things we are not necessarily aware of: Maybe it will help you realize what you do wrong. ;)

    • uthmansy profile image


      4 years ago from nigeria

      weldone with this post, you really inspire me to write on something, thanks.


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