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How To Build More Creativity!

Updated on October 15, 2014

I don't have a creative bone in my body!


Creativity isn't some special skill that only a selected few have. It's part of us. Some have it easy, where they can just decide to be creative and it comes to them. Other people just need to let it happen and it will, in its time.

Unlike writers, painters, singers, etc, you don't have to be creative to make a living. Just let it flow and be willing to accept it. If you're already giving up on accepting that you are creative too, then it's impossible for it to reach you!

Creativity isn't something that you force, it comes and goes if you're willing.

Everyone Can Be Creative
Everyone Can Be Creative

Creativity is for children

Another nonsense!

Children are absent-minded. All of them! That's when they creativity flow, yes... but it's not the only time of your life that you were a creative soul. If you let it die and wear down, you just need to embrace it again. Steady and slowly.

I can't imagine how empty my life would be without my inner movie making! I enjoy, as in, i can't avoid building a propostorous situation in my head from a perfectly normal and boring event! I like to enter the "what if..." and build a ton of scenarions out of this world! For me, that's creativity. For you it can be something else.

Do you listen to your inner child?

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How do i get my creativity to flow?

This isn't rocket science, so i'll just give you my own tips on what makes my mind pump. However, a few are pretty obvious and solid ways to reanimate your forgotten creativity!

First Step Is To Stop Watching TV!
First Step Is To Stop Watching TV!

1 - Kill the TV!

This is a no brainer!

TV kills more brain cells than alcohol. Everything is so fake, simple and in your face that it's impossible to nurture a creative mind.

If you want to set your mind free, start by killing your TV. Watch your favorite show and call it a day. Nothing good comes from TV, unless you think that numbing your brain is a good call!

2 - Wander off

One of my favorite things to do! I just switch off and let my mind go. It goes from stupid thoughts to over the top, kick ass mind blowing super extra stupid thoughts! And i'm fine with it! It's just part of you. Don't kill that little voice that wants to go wild in your head. Let it out once in a while. That's how the creative process begins!

3 - Shower Opera

Who doesn't like to sing in the shower? Everyone does! Time to rock on guys! Just shout out whatever crosses your mind. Sometimes i'll even sing out the same three words for a few minutes! Do i look and sound stupid? Well, yes, but i'm in the shower where everything goes! Enjoy it and go wild!

4 - Write just because

Children these days will never know the satisfaction of writing in one those little diaries with a locket smaller than my finger nail.

How awesome was it to write silly things on it when the day was over? It felt good to just dump my day on that thing. I would write the craziest things. I still remember how trendy it was. There was a time when everyone was gifting those diaries! One lost pleasure with time.

Still, you still write for the sake of it. Take out a journal and write with a pencil. Just let it go... About your day, rambles, thoughts and you can go from writing to drawing just like that. I always love to draw on the side lines of the paper.

If you keep an open mind, amazing things happen.

5 - Paint just because

This is one my favorites as well. Grab your markers and go wild on a blank page. Doesn't matter what comes out of it, it's still fun as hell! Sometimes i start out with a few lines and in the end i just colored the whole page blue. Period!

It's something that flows straight from your head and ends in your hand. Doesn't matter how it looks, it's pure creativity of your own.

6 - Build a Soap Opera

Go for a walk and build a soap opera in your head. Imagine crazy scenarios, watch people talk and build their dialogues. Walk analyzing everyone and create a secret life for them. After you get it flowing, you won't do anything else when you look at a stranger!

7 - Time to Prank

Pranks require insane amount of thought and creativity! If you want to boost yours, it's time to prank your buddies!

Think of funny and sophisticated pranks! Creativity doesn't have to be about singing, painting or writing only. There are a ton of ways to show how creative you can be! Pranks is one of them!

8 - Surprises!

Surprising a person also requires a bone of creativity! Crank up ways to surprise your loved ones.

Off the top of my head, a collage with a message, a scavenger hunt with gifts, a message with scrabble pieces, a surprise dinner... So many things to do to show how creative you can be!

Time to create!

Don't be afraid to be silly. Creativity is everything that you're able to come up by yourself. Embrace it and let it happen. There are so many ways to show how creative you are, and everyone is bound to be creative at something!

Nevertheless, thinking of ways to be creative is being creative!

Have fun and enjoy every silly and amazing thing that crosses your mind!

Start Creating!
Start Creating!

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    • DrBillSmithWriter profile image

      William Leverne Smith 3 years ago from Hollister, MO

      I prefer 2, 4, and 6, myself… but all good suggestions for some folks. Some of my best stories are "composed" on my evening walks. Thanks for sharing!! ;-)