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How To Combat Hayfever

Updated on June 8, 2012

Hayfever Is Tough

Hay Fever seems to be affecting more of us as every year goes by, I have friends who have previously mocked my symptoms year on year and who now get hay fever worse than I do and it is spreading like wildfire, Not only that but it seems the symptoms are getting worse and worse. I have previously written about hayfever and how it has blighted my summers but the reason I choose to write a follow up hub is because of how I have combated it and how I have got my life back on track in the summer months.

Hayfever Gets Tough

What has happened since I last wrote about hay fever is that it seems to be affecting lots more people than it did a few years ago, Not only that but is also seems to be stronger and affecting people far earlier in the year than it used to which is just bringing us sufferers lots more misery. I found this out to my peril in 2011. I had a relatively good 2010 and didn't seem to suffer to badly with hay fever so thought stupidly that maybe my resistance had built up and I wouldn't get any symptoms ever again, How wrong was I.

In early April which was a couple of months early for me I received my usual cold/flu symptoms, It did in fact seem after a week or so that the symptoms were unusually strong, I tried the usual Piriton and also Actifed which although they are not specifically hay fever tablets, Nothing seemed to work and I was becoming a bit desperate.

I decided to go to the local chemist and ask for their advice although I didn't hold out much hope, They suggested that I try a steroid based spray for my nose and said that it would take up to three days of taking it before it had any effect, this of course was not what I wanted to hear but thought why the hell not seeing as I was running out of options. The spray she recommended was Flixonase which I promptly brought.

Fighting Back

Flixonase is a steroid nasal spray that works by Reducing inflammation of the nasal passages, it is this inflammation that causes 90% of the symptoms of hay fever and makes all of us sufferers generally miserable. It is quite expensive and you are probably better off getting a prescription as the prescribed Flixonase comes in a bigger spray. Now I am no doctor but I had very bad hay fever and in literally three of four days all of my symptoms had vanished entirely, No itchy eyes, no runny nose and no sinus issues. In fact five days in, I spent my Sat afternoon sitting in a countryside pub garden something which was previously unthinkable. This will not work with everyone I'm sure but even the worst sufferer will see a dramatic reduction in symptoms which can only be a good thing.


Please if any of you sufferers try this flixonase nasal spray and get results then leave a comment as I would love to know how people got on with it. Most local chemist stock it and so lets fight back against hay fever.


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