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How To Cope With The Stress of Job Loss

Updated on March 3, 2015
Coping With Job Loss Stress
Coping With Job Loss Stress | Source

I still remember those days vividly! Spending hours over the internet, shortlisting probable job opportunities and waiting for an interview call or letter; sometimes the calls came and many times not - no mails, no calls!! The days were tough, stress and anxiety had no limits and pessimism was engulfing my whole being. I became an insomniac, started withdrawing and became highly irritable. Those 13 months tested my patience, endurance and relationships. It was one of the most difficult phases of my life, but with the support of family and friends I survived the gloom!

I can't say that 'do not get upset' - its truly upsetting. It's a huge emotional setback, but at the same time, you need to protect yourself from gloom. Misery looks for companionship - don't be its companion! You need to be emotionally charged, positive and feel hopeful because you will have to start new. There is no place for gloom and misery.

My friends suggested that I do things which I enjoy, but I can tell you, its not easy to enjoy when you don't have a job. I just spent time with my family and friends, discussed how I felt and what can be done. I felt like detaching my self, felt like being alone but I resisted. I didn't want to be depressed.I always found someone around me, so that I was never alone and sulking. I didn't want to feel ashamed about it, or be isolated because it doesn't help. It was tough but that is the way to cope with the emotional turmoil.

The emotional pain of losing a job can be felt by only those who have experienced it. Its easy to comfort someone but difficult to go through it. Job loss hurts the ego, shakes away the confidence and pains the mind and soul. Recent studies have revealed that in severe cases, when an individual is not able to cope, it leads to severe psychological effects.

We all dread something like this, but at the same time we need to remember that life does not end with job loss. Its just the end of a chapter and perhaps the beginning of a more rewarding and enriching one. If you are going through this difficult phase, remember that this pain is not going to last forever. You will be happy again, things are going to improve and you will settle again. You have to cope with the condition and emerge as a stronger human being.

Dealing With Job Loss Stress

Coping The Stress

The Pain Isn't Going To Last Forever
The Pain Isn't Going To Last Forever | Source

Surviving Job Loss and Learning to Cope

Take Care of Yourself - Losing a job does not mean the end of everything. Its the time to take care of your own self, of your family members and everyone who is genuinely concerned and worried about the situation. You shouldn't do things that will hurt them or create further unrest. Collapsing under the pressure can never be a solution, but it is going to worsen the situation and make matters worse. Instead, continue your regular routine while you move ahead with your job search. The emotional pain certainly gets tolerable.

Surviving The Stress

Take Care Of Yourself and Loved Ones
Take Care Of Yourself and Loved Ones | Source

Volunteer - With some free time in hand, why not try to lend a hand or volunteer to do something which you always wanted. A good way to stay distracted, reduce your stress, keep the depression and negativity away while feeling a bit better. Visit a homeless shelter, volunteer for some social cause or simply spend time with kids. You will feel better utilizing your free time and bringing cheer in someone else's life too.

Communicate - A good way to cope with stress ad emotional turmoil is talking or communicating. Speak to your spouse, parents and loved ones. Answer them, they might be equally stressed and talking to them will relax their mind. They will understand your situation and will offer you much needed motivation and emotional support. Explain how you are feeling, what your plans are and how deeply you are feeling about something. This will make you feel better, comforting words will help you cope and make you a stronger person. Communication helps in easing anxiety and builds strength.

Spend Time In Something You Like

Help Seniors And Spend Time With Them
Help Seniors And Spend Time With Them | Source

Write, Write and Write - If you are unable to speak out, why not pen down everything you have in mind. Spend 30 minutes in a day writing down what you feel and how emotional you are. Just anything that comes in mind. You can start a blog or just write it down in pen and paper. List the things you feel good about; something you are grateful for. You will feel better and your stress will reduce.

Write Down Whatever Comes In Your Mind
Write Down Whatever Comes In Your Mind | Source

Just pray, that you might never have to face such a situation, but if you are in such a situation, just remember that bad times don't last forever. You just need to be patient, positive and strong. Face every situation and be a winner!

Is it easy to overcome the stress of job loss and feel as if nothing has happened?

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