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How To Enjoy Good Life: Health And Longevity

Updated on October 4, 2012
Enjoying good life.
Enjoying good life. | Source

Three Simple Lifestyles That Make You Healthy

Ten years ago my wife and I were introduced to a beautiful middle-aged lady. She looked healthy, not too fat, joyful and a pleasant woman. We visited her twice and stayed at her home in Arizona for several days.

We enjoyed our good relationship as friends until something bad suddenly happened to her recently. To our great surprise she told us that she's suffering from cancer! It's hard to believe that such a good woman could become ill.

Anyway, everyone can be taken ill. Especially when we ignore health requirements. To be healthy is not automatic. You must take good care of your health. If you do, you will enjoy a long healthy life.

To remain healthy you must meet at least three requirements that your body demands. It's not enough to choose only one that you like most. You must fulfill all of the three requirements. What all are they?

Sleep in heavenly peace ...
Sleep in heavenly peace ... | Source

Number 1: Good Rest

Friends of mine told me that if for some reason they did not sleep well, the results were decreased energy levels, worsened mental alertness, bad mood and anxiety, getting cold and flu, dizziness or headache, even diminished overall feeling of well-being.

Good rest or in this issue, good sleep, is vital to a healthy life. Generally you'll need 7-8 hours of sound sleep every night. Some people may need less, others need more. But 7-8 hours of night sleep are enough and good for most people. Without good rest you will never have good health.

Why? Because only when you are asleep your body has the opportunity to restore its immune system. This system is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues, and organs. Its function is keeping you healthy by preventing infections from micro-organisms and other invaders every day. In brief this immune system protects your body against disease or from being sick.

Actually, from one point of view, what does it mean of being healthy? If your immunity or body protection is in good condition, you are healthy. Or, at least you're not ill. But if your immunity is on the decline, you will be ill. Good sleep helps you have a good immune system.

Prove yourself the difference between lack of sleep and enough sleep. Let us not underestimate the significance of enough sleep. A good rest is one of the most important keys in order to be healthy. No other ways, drugstores are not the answer.

Just recently a good friend of mine wrote a letter about the matter of sleep as follows:

"I have learned to pace myself. I am not driving myself as hard as I used to. For one thing I go to bed every night at 9:00. I read for 30 minutes and try to put the light out by 9:45. I still get up every morning at 4:00 or 4:15. Then I spend an hour in devotions and go for a 30 minute walk or lift weights and get ready for the day. Every day I stop work at 1:00, have lunch and then sleep until about 3:15. I found this schedule for helpful. I am really fanatical about it. I am finding that getting to bed before 10:00 to be very helpful."

Let's walk, ladies and gentlemen!
Let's walk, ladies and gentlemen! | Source

Number 2: Good Exercise

Human body is designed to be an active creature. If you just sit in a chair all day long, sooner or later you will be sick. Good health requires the exercise of care. And in this matter you should engage in physical activities.

You may choose activities that you like. Gymnastics, swimming, riding a bicycle, dancing (yes, dancing is healthy!), or something else. But let me suggest an easier way to live healthy: brisk walk. Just take a brisk walk every morning for about 30 minutes. After a while you will experience many benefits of walking.

Studies show that those who walk regularly enjoy better overall health than those who don't walk. If you do walk, you can have lower blood pressure, weigh less, and in the end you'll live longer. Some experts said that every minute you walk can extend your life by 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Start to walk a few minutes only a day. Then bit by bit add to the amount of walking you do. Increase it until you can walk by 2,000 steps or more per day.

By the way, walking in the morning has a good side effect. The sunshine will help you produce vitamin D in your body. You know vitamin D is very important for your overall health, not just for your bones only. In fact the best way to get vitamin D is by the sunshine. And the sun gives it away for free!

Korean cuisine.
Korean cuisine. | Source
Korean cook and dinner time.
Korean cook and dinner time. | Source

Number 3: Good Food

Good food here means the food that you eat is healthful. To have a healthy life we must eat food that we are supposed to eat. Not eating food that we are supposed not to eat. Always remember the phrase: You are what you eat!

We used to eat using our tongue by asking first, "Is this food tasty?" The problem is, delicious foods are not always healthful. In fact so many tasty foods are just junk foods that can make you ill. For example, sugar is nice, but basically sugar is not good for your body. Too many sweet foods, like cakes and pastry, may increase your weight.

From now on try to eat using your mind. Before you eat something ask,"Is this food healthful?" Healthful food may not be tasty although lots of them actually are nice. But they are needed by your body to help you have a healthy body. Okay, what all are these good foods?

I didn't intend to give you a long list of recommended foods or another list of forbidden foods in detail. But its principle. Once you know the principle, it's not hard for you to select which foods you'd better eat and how to eat it.

One of the first principles of healthful food is a predominantly plant-based diet. To make it simple, do eat lots of vegetables and sufficient fruits. I believe most people can attain a high level of health from eating a plant-based diet. Having fresh vegetable juice each day is a wise thing to do, too. It is an excellent supporter of health.

Although experts suggested us to eat vegetables as well as fruits, but some experts also warned us about the danger of eating too many fruits. This is due to the high-sugar content in some certain fruits. So when you consume fruits, do it in limited quantities especially for sweet fruits.

By the way, why vegetables and fruits are healthful food? Among other things, they contain beneficial minerals, vitamins, enzymes, protein, fat, carbohydrate, anti-oxidants, and compounds which together support our body in maintaining a healthy blood cell, high blood alkalinity, and immune system which prevents the growth of pathogens and viruses. Their nutritious ingredients aid the body to grow and reduce cellular damage caused by free-radicals, or even repair damaged cell tissues. The high concentration of various natural agents in vegetables and fruits also protect the body from premature ageing and sickness. The overall benefit of taking vegetables and fruits is giving you a feeling of well-being!

Another principle of healthful food is an uncooked, whole food diet. What are the ways to enjoy your food? Of course there are many ways to incorporate vegetables and fruits into your diet. However, this is the best way: as far as it makes possible, add it to your diet as it is. In other words, eat it uncooked and don't process the food. The simpler the way, the healthier the food will be. The processing will destroy some or all the beneficial ingredients of the food.

If you can eat ripe bananas uncooked, why should you steam it? If you can steam your food, why should you boil it? If you can boil it, you don't need to bake or roast it. If you can bake it, no need to fry it! I'm sure you got the point.

So, what about salt, sugar, cooking-oil, egg, and meat? Should we avoid salted foods, sugar-containing foods, fried foods, all kinds of fat and meat, eggs, and other things at all as suggested by a lot of health experts? Well..., although here I am not talking about following a strict diet or being on a diet, I would like to suggest you to watch good videos on the Internet that show the importance of staying away from meat, from dairy, from processed foods.

As to dietary matters, I myself try to avoid as many foods as possible that clearly can harm my body. For instance, sugar and white flour and processed foods contribute to disease. Sugar is basically toxic and addictive. The more you eat sugar the more you crave sweets. And you can end up in suffering from diabetes or obesity. Even so with salt, fat, meat, and dairy products. Each of them can lead you to a certain disease. You'd better not to consume it too much.

What I write about is all too familiar, and at this point all I can say is that most people need a balanced diet which includes plenty of pure water and whole foods from both plant and ... animal kingdoms.

Well, the LORD Who created our bodies knows what's best for your body! In the Book of Genesis there is probably a little clue about this. When God created man, He gave plants for food. And man lived long until hundreds of years. Then after the Flood they're permitted to eat meat. Among other reasons, why this is recorded in Genesis? To give us a clue about the benefits of eating plants, and the need of having a balanced diet? Very possible.

Take control of your health and longevity.
Take control of your health and longevity. | Source


Whether you fall ill with any diseases or conquer it is entirely within your control. Good rest, good exercise, and good food can make the difference between you being a victim or living a long, healthy life. I hope you all are healthy and happy!

Finally, may this article be helpful to you and your beloved ones. If you have any thoughts on this topic that stem from your own experiences, please consider posting them in the comments section below. People who are currently struggling with health issues may find help in your experiences.

Oh yes, the copyright to this article is owned by "LittleMirror". So don't copy and paste, please. I'd appreciate it, thank you!


The source of this article is from my personal experience, from friends and contacts, from books and the Internet, so whatever the reasons are, I do not claim that the content of the article is totally accurate, reliable, can help everyone or can be applied to everyone's health problem. The purpose of this article is merely to share information with visitors. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding your health concerns.

Thus the information provided in this article is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. The information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Never delay in seeking medical advice or disregard it because of something you have read on this article. You are therefore advised to consult your registered medical physicians for the matter of your health or medication.

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