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How To Fake Being Happy

Updated on June 19, 2013

Why Would You Want To Fake Being Happy

Want to know how to fake being happy? There are quite a few ways to fake happiness. Before we discuss the different ways to fake being happy, lets talk about why you would want to pretend to be happy.

Your Job- You may work at a job where you have to deal with customers often, and if you do then you may have to fake being happy at times. Almost any employer will want to see their employees in a good mood when they are at work.

Social Events- You may have to attend a social event of some sort. If you do attend a social event, then you will want to show up happy or give the appearance that you are happy.

Interacting With people- You may have to interact with people often whether it is at a social event, at your job or anywhere else for that matter.

There are many other reasons and examples out there of why you would want to fake being happy. The above are just a few examples. With that said lets talk about how to fake being happy.


When you are out and about, socializing in crowds or at work then you want to show off your smile, even if it is a force smile. Smiling is one of the best ways to fake being happy. Don't overdo it with the smiling though. If you over do it with the smiling, then people may be able to tell that you are pretending to be happy. When you are engaged in a conversation, smile occasionally.

Speak With Confidence

When you want to fake being happy then you need to speak with confidence when you are talking to people. If you are able to speak wit confidence and combined it with the other stuff mentioned throughout this hub, then people will think that you are happy even if you are pretending to be happy.

Laugh At Things

A person who is always speaking with confidence as well as smiling will rarely be looked at as someone who is not happy. Add laughing to the mix and people will always think you are happy. If you can learn how to laugh at a wide range of things, then you will be able to easily fake being happy. Whenever you are mixing with people simply throw in a few laughs here and there throughout the conversation and people will assume that you are happy, even if you are pretending to be happy.

Crack Jokes

Cracking jokes regularly can give the appearance that you are happy. However you cannot simply go off and crack offensive jokes or telling jokes in a manner that looks like you are venting about all sorts of stuff. It is best to crack jokes that are light in heart. Cracking a few jokes a day is a great way to fake being happy. This technique also works in all types of environments and it is very effective in making people think that you are happy. People will most likely not be able to tell that you are pretending to be happy. Give this technique a try.

Be Talkative

Being talkative is a great way to fake being happy. A lot of times people who are not happy will tend to shy away from conversation and they will usually come off as antisocial. If you want to pretend to be happy, then you need to be talkative when you are with people. You should just be involved in conversations with people around you and you should make sure that you are positive and try to be as upbeat as possible. If you do this, then you will come off as you are in a great mood and that you are happy.

Follow the above tips and you will be able to pretend to be happy and have other people believing you are happy too.


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    • profile image

      jkdsfhdksjfhksdjfh 4 years ago

      Im an expert at this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • p10kabhijita profile image

      Abhijit Aswath 5 years ago from India

      A very interesting article. The title attracted my attention . I agree that each one of us tries to be guarded in many situations, just like you mentioned, but, why would anyone want to learn how to fake happiness. It is any way not a great thing to learn. Interesting read anyway.