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Low-Impact Water Workout At The Pool

Updated on May 31, 2010

Diving into a water fitness plan like swimming can be a fun & refreshing way to rejuvenate and get your cardio & resistance training while getting a low impact workout at the pool.

While swimming and water workouts are great for everyone, swimming is also an ideal way for overweight people as well as those with knee or arthritis problems to the low impact workout they need. Water’s buoyancy provides support to the person’s weight. The water’s resistance, on the other hand, makes the muscles perform harder. A water fitness regimen, which may entail walking underwater, conveniently lets those dealing with knee pain obtain aerobic conditioning without creating undue stress on the joints.

Indeed, for just about anybody who needs to tone muscles, improve blood circulation, and boost energy, a low impact workout at the pool can do wonders.

water workouts
water workouts

Getting A Pool Low Impact Workout

As for those grappling with medical conditions like arthritis and have been advised by their doctors to undergo water exercise therapy, a low-impact workout in warm water can offer huge relief. It can be an easy way of relaxing tight muscles and strengthening them. There are actually numerous exercises geared towards building flexibility, resistance, and cardiovascular strength in the water.

To obtain the thorough low impact workout through aquatic exercise you need, enroll in a water workout class and alleviate joint stiffness, improve your flexibility and benefit from the buoyancy and gentle resistance provided by the water environment. You can go for water workouts like aerobics, flexibility training, water walking/jogging and also water yoga. A certified aquatic fitness instructor can be an immense help in this regard.

Take A Water Class, Or Make Up Your Own Water Low Impact Workout Routine

Check out online sites for short (about half and hour) aqua circuit exercises you can do in your own backyard pool or clubhouse pool. Start with a five-minute brisk walk in the pool and three-minute knee lifts; work out your shoulders, chest, back and triceps by doing dips and arm curls; firm up your calves and hamstrings with leg curls which you may repeat 20 times; work on your thighs and butt by squatting, which should submerge your shoulders in the water, with arms on the sides; and do jumping and leg lifting exercises as well.

Several water fitness associations also offer a wide variety of exercises, not just swimming laps, for groups as well as professional sports team members who need to train and rehabilitate injured body parts. Aquatic fitness experts say that the water can let the body move in ways that land may not do. For whatever age, aqua aerobics is one of the best and most popular low-impact exercise options.

Water aerobics, as long-time water exercise instructors will say, has come a long way. There are now countless quality innovations in footwear, equipment and fitness swimwear meant specifically for water exercise. Some water aerobics instructors give fitness swimwear recommendations to their students. An example of a good fitness swimwear for women is one that offers enough bust support and has chlorine-resistant stretch fabric with a lightweight feel.

Feel Better, Look Better

Most water exercise instructors set as their goal of providing students with a cardiovascular endurance rate without creating undue aggravation for them. Hence, the workout may start with simple running fro the shallow to the deeper end of the pool. As the class progresses, strength and endurance-building exercises are then undertaken, with instructors guiding students to follow their own pace.

Deep water aerobics classes provide a full-body workout with minimal impact. Such forms of water exercise can definitely realign the body and build strength. On top of that, the best reason to dive into a water aerobics class is fun and enjoyment


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