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How To Get Motivation To Lose Weight

Updated on August 16, 2014

Whoever said that it was easy to lose weight? Well, it is the hardest thing for many to achieve. Many people find it pretty difficult to initiate a weight loss plan much less keep up with any diet or routine. The insufficient motivation to lose weight is more often a major cause of our setback. Yes, we often prepare, having tons of special equipment, spending hundreds on clothing and accessories, having a selection of weight loss teas, healthy grocery and maybe a gym or health club membership. However, affording all of these is by no means a guarantee that we will lose weight. For most, having the drive and determination is all that is necessary.

Most folks over prepare in an attempt to make their lives a little easier and to undertake their goals. Numerous times however, your personal preparations are futile much more often than not, it is not necessarily what you have that will make your aspirations a reality. It is actually your very own efforts and will. Nevertheless, there are many factors such as insufficient time, economic problems, and medical issues that could be a hindrance in your efforts to lose weight. Decreased motivation to lose weight tops the list for failure. Now just what can you do? Clearly, you have to adjust your mentality. When your mind are not trained for accomplishment, you will find it challenging to ever get anything done. Indeed there are some effective ways to get motivation to lose weight. But, the initial step is your very own. Pretty much nobody can drag you out of your daily routine to workout or to eat a healthy diet. One has to make that decision for oneself. Losing weight is good for those who need to do so and we all know the benefits that can be derived from shedding a few extra pounds. For this reason, you have to make every effort to get up, get out and get motivation to lose weight.

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Here are 5 ways to get weight loss motivation:

1. Start Off Slowly

Certainly you do not have to move like a snail, however, try not to rush your weight loss routine. Attempting to stuff a week’s workout in one hour is not good for your body. This will additionally burn your body out such that you won't feel motivated to lose weight. Try to make small strides. During the course of your first week of workout, exercise for 10 or 15 minutes. For those who are used to exercising, try to work out for about an hour. There's a lot that could be done in just 15 minutes of workout, and better yet, 15 minutes is a meager moment of time. As you settle into the daily routine, increase workout intensity and duration to about an hour as soon as you believe it is time to do so.

2. Do Not Make Unrealistic Goals

Like most of us, you are probably not a weight loss guru. As a result, avoid making goals which are impractical and unachievable. For instance, don't try to lose 50 pounds within a month. This will certainly not work. So long as you set weight loss goals in this way, you are setting yourself up to fail. You will lose motivation if you continue making unrealistic aims. Chose a practical number as well as a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps shedding 10 pounds in 2 months is a lot more logical for most persons. So remember, set goals that you have the possibility of achieving. This will essentially motivate you to lose weight.

Try to be realistic with your weight loss goals.
Try to be realistic with your weight loss goals.
Most people would have a hard time eating this bowl of rice. See why?
Most people would have a hard time eating this bowl of rice. See why?

Other Tips

  • Inform friends and family about your weight loss plans
  • Avoid boredom. Listen to music and have fun while exercising.
  • Do a variety of exercises
  • Avoid punishing yourself by omitting the foods that you like.
  • Think of what you might look like in the future if you worked on losing weight starting now.
  • Purchasing smaller clothing is a good way to get motivation lose weight.
  • Try to view your work out sessions as a fun hobby. this way you do not have to feel stressed in having to do this or that because you must. Hobbies are meant to be enjoyed.
  • Measure yourself after 4 weeks and avoid checking your weight every day. Instead check your weight every week when you might actually see a difference in your weight. Checking your weight prematurely can lead to disappointment and discouragement.

3. Use the magic of blue

Some scientists believe that the color blue is an appetite suppressant. Many persons are unaware of this and it is an easy trick. Make everything that goes to your mouth blue. Well, not everything of course, just the things that you can change. Eat your meals from blue plates, drink from blue cups, even eat with a blue for or spoon. It is a striking discovery, but using blue will make you want to eat less. If you can, make your food blue too by adding a little food coloring to rice, pasta and other carbohydrate rich foods. This might even work in ice cream, on eggs, cookies, and so on. You mind is naturally repulsed by blue food as a measure of preventing the intake of spoiled food. Just make sure that this is done to your meals only so that you do not affect the diet of other family members who are not trying to lose weight.

4. Celebrate as you go: Reward yourself for every successful milestone

A good way to keep motivated is by getting cheers along the way. If you set small goals and accomplish them, then celebrate your victory. Do something nice for yourself like a hairdo, get a massage, go shop for something nice and so on. Each pound lost is something to be grateful for and is worth a celebration.

Go out and buy something nice for yourself whenever you accomplish a small goal. If you lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks or a month, reward yourself with something special. A good idea is to delay purchasing personal accessory items such as jewellery, hand bags, clothing until you've reached a certain goal. For greater achievements reward yourself with some new clothes, a spa day or a nice trip if you can afford one. Whenever you work hard and achieved something good, get motivation by rewarding yourself. You deserve it.

5. Dress to lose weight

One way to not be motivated to lose weight is by dressing as if you are going to bed for the night. Get out of your pajamas and get dressed to exercise. Purchase comfortable sweat suits and tights sets that look good. Also, be sure to add a fitting pair of sneakers and anything else you would like to accessorize with. Dressing for an occasion is a good way of acting your best for that whatever part you are preparing to play. Your overall attire can be your motivation to do well.

Well, there you got it. These are some of the best ways to get motivation to lose weight. Just remember, you should always try to be in control of yourself and not make your circumstances get the better of you. Try to do exercises that you like and be creative with your diet meal plans. Weight loss is not a punishment. It is a gradual step towards achieving better health and longevity.


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