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Clearblue Fertility Monitor (Canada)

Updated on February 25, 2014

So you've decided it's time to have a baby!

Maybe you've been trying for a few months, and nothing's happened yet. Or maybe you've decided to start trying, and you're not quite sure when to focus your efforts. With modern life being so busy, exactly when will you schedule this baby-making in?

Ovulation is the process during which an egg is released from the ovary. Conception can only take place around the time of ovulation.

To maximize your chances of conceiving in any given month, you'll need to schedule babymaking on ovulation day, and on the several days prior to ovulation day.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor makes this a much easier process.

How The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Works

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is a handheld digital device that monitors your hormone levels to inform you not only of your 2 Peak Fertility days (days during which ovulation may occur), but also of an extra 1 to 6 High Fertility days prior to your Peak Fertility days.

As most home ovulation tests only inform you of your 2 Peak Fertility days, the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor provides you with more opportunities to get pregnant each month, helping you get pregnant faster.


What you'll need:

  • Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
  • 4 AAA batteries (not included with the monitor)
  • Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor test sticks, 1 box (not included with the monitor)
  • cup to hold urine sample (optional)

Shopping from Canada?

In Canada, the monitor is sold as the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

Both the monitor and the test sticks cost significantly more in Canada than in the US (see Figure 1 below). As I live in Canada, I got a terrific deal by purchasing the monitor and test sticks from in the US instead and having them shipped to an American address.

Figure 1

US price 
Canadian price
as low as $100 USD
$250 CAD and up
Test sticks 
as low as $25 USD, for a box of 30
$55 CAD and up, for a box of 20 
That's $1.20 USD per test stick! 
That's $2.75 CAD per test stick!

How to use:

1. To use the monitor, turn the monitor on each morning, in order to determine whether to test your first morning urine that day. If not prompted by the monitor to perform a test, your fertility status for that day will be displayed immediately.

Also, your cycle day will be displayed on the monitor each morning.

2. If prompted by the monitor, test your first morning urine by:

a. Collecting a urine sample in a clean dry cup, and then dipping a test stick into the urine sample for 15 seconds


b. Holding a test stick in your urine stream for 3 seconds

3. After putting the cap on the test stick and inserting the test stick into the monitor, the monitor will analyze the urine sample. The analysis takes about 5 minutes.

4. After the monitor has completed analyzing the sample, you will be prompted to remove the test stick from the monitor.  Test sticks are not reusable, and should be disposed of in your household garbage.

5. The monitor will let you then know whether that day is a Low, High, or Peak Fertility day.

6. If that day is a High or Peak Fertility day, schedule some babymaking into your day!

Displayed: Low Fertility on Cycle Day 18

What's your Trying To Conceive status?

See results

When can you start using the monitor?

You may start using the monitor ONLY during the first 5 days of your period.

Therefore, if you purchase the monitor and test sticks after the first 5 days of your period, you must wait until your next period arrives before you can use the monitor to detect ovulation.

The morning after your period arrives, press the 'm' button on the monitor to indicate that this is Day 1 of your period. The monitor will then display a "1".

If you forget to do this on Day 1, you may still press the 'm' button on any of Days 2 to 5 of your period. Simply hold the 'm' button down until the correct day of your period is shown in the display.

Please note - the time at which you press the 'm' button is very important.

Each day of any given cycle, there is only a 6-hour testing window during which the monitor will prompt you for a first morning urine test, once powered on.

To set this testing window for this cycle, press the 'm' button exactly halfway during this 6-hour window, the morning after your period arrives.

For example, to set this cycle's testing window to 6:00 am to 12:00 pm, press the 'm' button at 9:00 am the morning after your period arrives.

If you turn the monitor on at anytime outside of this testing window, you will not be able to perform a test at that time, and will need to wait until the next testing window (either later that day, or on the next day). I speak from experience, as the testing window once ended while I was attempting to provide the sample for that day!

Low Fertility on Cycle Day 1, after pressing 'm' button

How does the monitor know when you need to perform a urine test?

The monitor will need you to perform a test only during certain times in your menstrual cycle. The first month you use the monitor, it will prompt you for daily tests starting on Day 6 of your cycle, until after ovulation has occurred (on a Peak or High Fertility Day). Depending on the first month's readings, the next cycle's daily tests may start as early as Day 6, or as late as Day 9.

The instructions indicate that the number of tests requested by the monitor each cycle will be a multiple of 10. Therefore, at least 10 tests will be requested each cycle, even if ovulation is detected early during those 10 days. If you wish to save your unused test sticks for an upcoming cycle, you may wish to stop testing once a Low Fertility day is seen after the Peak Fertility days for that cycle.

Will the monitor work if I have irregular periods?

Yes, the monitor will be able to detect ovulation (as indicated by Peak Fertility days) even if your periods are irregular, as long as your menstrual cycle lasts between 21 to 42 days.

If you do not see any Peak Fertility days over a number of cycles, please consult your doctor.

Will the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor work if I am undergoing fertility treatment?

If you are undergoing fertility treatment, certain fertility medications will interfere with the hormone levels that are read by the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. Therefore, please check with your fertility doctors or fertility center to determine whether this fertility monitor will provide accurate results during the course of your fertility treatment.

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