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Proven Ways to Prevent Cancer

Updated on January 6, 2017


Cancer must be one of the scariest words anyone has to ever hear in a physician's office.It is a diagnoses of cells gone awry within your body. Many, if not most cancers of today are treatable. Catching the disease early is of utmost importance but even more important is preventing the beginning of the proliferation of cancer cells. Our lifestyles as well as our genetic makeup play a major role in if and when we will contract the disease. There are things you can do to proactively prevent yourself from every getting a cancer diagnosis. We must pay attention and take care of our bodies as God intended.

Recognize the symptoms of Skin Cancer
Recognize the symptoms of Skin Cancer

Breast Cancer

A cluster of Breast cancer Cells
A cluster of Breast cancer Cells | Source
Chemo drugs have helped to lower death rate of cancer.
Chemo drugs have helped to lower death rate of cancer. | Source

Cancer Prevention

Cancer comes when something within the body triggers cells to mutate or form cells that are not meant to be in the body. Each day our body is making thousands of new cells. Free radicals, a form of stressor in the environment causes the body's cells to mutate. A free radical is caused by a stressor like cigarette smoke, too much sunlight or ultraviolet rays attacking your skin. Free Radicals are unpaired molecules or atom looking for a positive or negative charge to make it complete. Free radicals are also thought to be part of the aging process. Vitamins like E,C and D are believed to stop free radical damage and the best way to get them is through good nutrition.

There are ways to help the cells not to overreact and mutate. Living well is often a term used to teach us how to prevent disease. What exactly does living well mean?

I will go deeper into a list of thing you can do to prevent cancer later but lets talk a little more about stress.

There are common sense things you can do on your own every day to live cancer free. Sleep and exercise are two common anti-cancer activities to begin our discussion.

It is impossible to live without stress. We would be dead for that to happen but we can learn ways to decrease and deal more effectively with stress. Getting rest, exercise and eating right are starts. There is good stress and bad stress. The stress you feel when getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry is good. The stress of too much paperwork is not.

We all need a good network of people we can draw from for a sense of belonging and also to bring us comfort in times of pain and severe stress.

Getting regular health screenings is important in caner prevention
Getting regular health screenings is important in caner prevention | Source

Foods that Can Increase Cancer Risk.

Top Ten Foods that Increase Cancer Risk.

1 All Charred food

2 All red meat, Well done is the worst

3 Sugar both white and brown. Better to use, Honey, Agave Nectar and Stevia

4 Any heavily salted, smoked or pickled food

5 Soda and/or soft drinks that contain sugar and harmful chemicals.

6 French Fries, chips and snacks that contain unhealthy trans fat

7 Excess Alcohol, more than 1 drink for women and 2 for men

8 Baked goods with Acrylamide. Acrylamide is found in cigarette smoke, certain industry and starches when cooked at high temps. Cooking at lower temperatures or microwaving helps, also soaking potatoes in water and refrigerating prior to cooking.

9 Food and drink additives like asparataminie.

10 Farmed fish containing excess PCB's

Cancer Fighting Foods

Chronic fatique can be a symptom of cancer
Chronic fatique can be a symptom of cancer | Source

Cancer Fighting Foods by Melissa Breyer

These are some of the most important foods we should add to our anti-cancer arsenal.
Top 27 Cancer- Fighting Foods by

  • Melissa Breyer

Anti-Cancer Grocery List


Mushrooms: shiitake, maitake, reishi, Agaricus blazei Murill, and Coriolus Versicolor
Seaweed and other sea vegetables
Sweet potatoes

Chili peppers
Oranges and lemons

Seeds & Nuts

Herbs & Spices

Red wine
Soy products
Green tea and black tea

Read more:

20 Ways to Never Get Cancer*

  1. Use filtered tap water
  2. Don't top off your gas tank
  3. Marinate meat before grilling
  4. Drink 5 cups of regular coffee daily
  5. Drink 8 cups of water or liquid daily
  6. Eat lots of Green Salad
  7. Exercise 2 hours a week
  8. Eat Brazil nuts for selenium
  9. Don't have your clothes dry cleaned. wash in mild soap and blow dry or spot clean with vinegar
  10. Use your cell phone with an ear piece or decrease talking time and text.
  11. Find out if you have dense breast tissue more prone to higher estrogen and may need to exercise more and lose weight
  12. Use red and blue clothes for better protection against UV rays
  13. Pick an experienced doctor
  14. Eat clean foods and wash those you don't well
  15. Be cautious about taking too much artificial folic acid
  16. Increase calcium with low fat milk products
  17. Eat only Whole grain breads
  18. Avoid unnecessary exposure to scans and x-rays
  19. If overweight lose weight
  20. Finally don't pass off bloated stomach, bladder pain and urgency to urinate all early signs of ovarian cancer.

What do you think is the most important habit to prevent cancer?

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10 foods the Can Fight caner

10 Cancer fight Foods

1 Beans, These help fight genetic changes in your body

2 Berries the best ones contain ellagic acid (richest in strawberries and raspberries) and anthocyanosides (richest in blueberries).

3 Leafy Green Vegetables that will search for free radicals before they can change cells into cancer.

3. Cruciferous Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale)

4 Flaxseed in the form of oil or meal with phytoestrogens

6. Garlic (including onions, scallions, leeks, and chives)
These foods are thought to stop the growth of tumors.

7.Green Tea has a flavonoid known as catechins

8.Tomato with lycopene

9. Whole grains contain fiber, antioxidants and photoestrogens

10.Grapes and red wine with flavonoids.

Natural Defenses for Preventing and Treating Cancer

Vitamins to Fight and Prevent Cancer*

Should we take supplements to prevent cancer. In my professional opinion I know it is best to get vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet but in reality I know many people find it difficult to find the time and appetite to eat enough of the correct foods. You should certainly only eat caner fighting rich foods but there are some specific vitamins that can help to fight diseases of all kinds.

1]Beta Carotene found in carrots, spinach,kale and sweet potatoes. I like to add spinach ad kale whenever I masuke pasta

2] B6 found in apples, greens, bananas and sweet potatoes. It can easily be taken with a vitamin B complex supplements..

3] vitamin C Found in Citrus fruits

4] FolIc Acid is responsible for the bodies correct formation of it's own genetic material. It is found in beets, cabbage, citrus fruits, fish,eggs and leafy vegetables

5) Vitamin E is a strong antioxidant that protects us from pollutants. it is found in eggs, wheat germs and leafy green vegetables

Key Points

  • To hit the highlights here are some important reminders

  • Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and leafy green vegetables
  • Drink coffee and green tea and lots of water
  • Get checkups
  • exercise regularly keeping your weight down
  • don't ignore warning signs.
  • snack on nuts and whole wheat foods not chips
  • limit baked goods and fried foods
  • keep stress to a minimum and get plenty of sleep
  • hug your loved ones often

Hug for Health

Hugging increases oxytocin in your bloodstream
Hugging increases oxytocin in your bloodstream | Source

In Conclusion

Common sense goes with all these suggestions. Your chances of getting cancer are lower now. The death rate from cancer has dropped for the first time in 70 years.

Remember how important good clean living is. Pay attention to your body. Keep stress down if possible and get plenty of rest at night. Doctors now recommend at least 8 hours of sleep a night.If you have trouble sleeping learn good sleep hygiene practices.

Watch what you eat. Excesses in almost any food can be dangerous. Don't overdo the vitamins. Take the ones you are fairly sure you are or might be deficient in.

Spend quality time with friends and loved ones. Get hugs from family members. Hugs actually increase the amount of oxytocin in our blood stream that then relaxes us, lowers our heart rate, blood pressure and helps us to fight illnesses and feel less pain.

Remember to stop and smell the roses. Try to forget keeping up with the Jones. Follow a pace that is good for you and your family. You add undue financial stress on yourself if you are constantly comparing yourself to those that live above their means.

A walk at lunch time can give immediate benefits. Walking can decrease fibromyalgia pain. It can also help with depression , give you just enough sunlight to increase Vit D, help you sleep better, increase your creativity, help elderly with dementia, strengthen your immune system, clear your brain, help you lose weight, increase your self esteem and more.

Be sure to check your skin for new moles or changes in old ones. Even small moles can be suspicious enough to alarm your doctor. Try taking a photo with your cell phone and watch for changes in a few months.

Do wear a sunscreen of at least 15 SPF, for beauty if not to fight cancer. See a dermatologist for suspicious moles and freckles. Take photos of them and watch the progress. Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are the recommended safe sunscreens especially for children and infants.

Finally see your doctor and get regular immunizations. follow his directions and live according to standards you have set for yourself. Not only will you fight cancer but you will be a better person for it.



Mayo Clinic




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