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How To Loose Weight

Updated on July 1, 2015
Jennifer Hudson before and after loosing weight
Jennifer Hudson before and after loosing weight

How to do Healthy Dieting.

Dieting now days is considered bad for the body as it staves the body but doesn’t cause weight loss. Infact if a person remains hungry for long time the body goes in to famine mode that is body thinks that conditions are not favorable and there is acute shortage of food. The defensive mechanism of the body sets in and basal metabolic rate ( BMR) goes down. It thus reduces the calorie use of the body and thus the amount of calories required to do same things is reduced. This also lead to lethargy and body suddenly start to break the proteins and the evidence of it is that ketone bodies are found in urine samples

Everyone knows that it is so difficult to loose weight once you gain it. Also it is a fact that over 90% of people regain weight after loosing it. So how to loose weight and keep it this way? It is not easy but can be done easily if we change a little bit of our daily routine and diet. All we need is very small but significant change in our life style and eating habits. One doesn’t have to go on stringent diet but just being aware of what he is eating helps a lot.

The various things that we can do in our lives which can help us are

1. Gradual change: Rome was not built in one day. So don’t try to do everything at once. Follow a correct weight loss plan. It would take longer with the correct weight loss plan to loose weight but you would keep off the weight permanently.

2. Realist Target: Always set a realistic target to loose weight. It is always better to loose weight gradually than loose it drastically. A drastic weight loss would result in dehydration of the cells. It would also result in loss of tissues of the body instead of fat. Aim to loose 1 pound a week rather than 5 pounds a week. Try to increase pace of exercise gradually. Start with walking 2 blocks rather than 2 miles. This would make your body accustomed to exercise. Exercise suddenly would harm body more than it would help it. Success would come slowly but surely.

3. Take time To eat food: One of the biggest reason of gaining weight is we eat on the run. No matter how tight schedule is we shouldn’t grab a sandwich and eats while doing some other work. Body absorbs more nutrients if we take time to sit, relax and enjoy our meals. A rest for 10 minutes after the meals gives body to digest the food better than not giving it any rest post meals.

4. Eat all meals: Hunger would never solve weight problems. Skipping of any meal would make body hungry and would tempt you to grab a high calorie snack. This would make you gain more weight then you probably hoped to loose by skipping any meal.

5. Eat properly: Most of time we tend to over eat without realizing how hungry we are. Satiety center which is in brain gets signals after twenty minutes from the tummy. So it is always better to chew the food slowly. The slow chewing would not only help the food mix well with the saliva for better digestion but also would give signals to brain about the status of hunger. Eating fast would make you eat more.

6. Second Helping: Though it is said that all members of family should eat together but when you eat with everyone, you tend to eat more. So the best way is to fill your plate once and sit away from the dinner table and eat your meal slowly. This would not only help you not take second helping but also not take things like pickles or other things from the table time and again. This also reduces temptation for second helping.

7. Fluids: If you are on weight loss programme then you should drink a glass of water before the meals. The water is best drink. It has no calories and is beneficial in every function of the body. This would also help in filling stomach so you eat less. This in turn helps loose weight. You can add lemon in the water when you get bored of drinking plain water. Also water can be replaced by coconut water if you live in an area where you can get fresh coconut. 8 to 10 glasses of water a day are must. Stay away from caffeine drinks like tea, coffee etc as they hinder the absorption of the nutrients in the body. Also stay away from colas or other sweetened drinks as they give only empty calories to the body.

8. Plan: Plan your weekly menu well in advance so that you know what you are going to eat at what time. This prevents impulsive intake of high calorie foods.

9. Record what you eat: The most common complaint people have that though they eat nothing yet they are gaining weight. There are lots of things which we eat whole day but don’t remember. So every bite you take, enter in a notebook. See at end of day what you ate and it would keep tab on your daily intake of calories.

10. Exercise: This is most important thing if you wish to loose weight. Combine exercise with healthy diet. This would increase your BMR and you would burn lot more calories for the small works you do whole day than if you are not exercising. Exercise also increase good cholesterol in the body and reduce bad cholesterol in the body. This prevents heart diseases. Exercise also improves your respiratory system and drive away fatigue.

If we follow these 10 points then we can keep the fat away and live a healthy and quality life.

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