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How to Lose Weight: Some Simple Ideas

Updated on October 25, 2018

Can Losing Weight Be Simple?

I've only had one time where I was slightly overweight and I certainly don't have the years of experience that some people have had in trying to control their weight or shed extra pounds. But, I do have some simple ideas, some of which I tried, and most I have heard about others using. Best of all, none of these ideas require any self torturing diets, drugs, chemicals, expensive nutrients or natural foods, or gym memberships! So, here goes!

1. Cut Portions In Half!

This means simply that! I have done this to some extent. There are foods that I've learned to cut back on but not cut out on. Also, I only eat until I'm satisfied most of the time. I know, people will invite you to eat and, especially if it is to their home, they will cook for 5 times as many people as they invited, load your plate as if you were eating for 3, then truly wonder why you don't want a second or third helping! This is pressure we all get from time to time. We've been led to believe we must not stop eating just because there's plenty of food available at the moment! If invited to accept leftovers, do so. By cutting down portions, we also can make those leftovers last longer and save money on our normal food bills as well. A friend of my folks did this and it worked for her very well.

2. Try to fit some exercise into your life!

I was only 11 years old when I read an article in which doctors had found that people could lower their heart attack risk greatly by just walking 20 minutes a day! 20 minutes. And research from back then all the way to today still upholds this finding! Luckily for me, I have a job distributing flyers, so I walk extensively, and as a result, I do get my exercise while I work! And, just after I got my current job, people noticed that I looked better! And I feel better, too! I'm nearing 50 as I write this, and yet, I don't mind parking far from the store. The long walk doesn't bother me at all!

Also, you can do little things that add up, like deliberately parking further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and taking short walks at breaktime.

3. Don't Get On That Diet Roller Coaster!

I've known and heard of so many people that go on diets, lose weight, then gain it right back, mostly by doing what I cautioned against in #1 above, that is, they cut out certain foods completely! What happens is you develop a craving and either cheat, or, when the diet ends, you overindulge. Don't cut anything out completely unless you're committed to eliminating that food out of your life! Yes, cold turkey is the best way to get rid of a true addiction, but most foods you can eat in moderation and make it much easier on yourself. If you do want to truly eliminate some foods from your life, do so one at a time using the cold turkey method.

4. Don't pressure and micromanage yourself!

This means, don't make things harder and more complicated for yourself. Don't set a deadline, rather just continue using the ideas above, and the weight will go, whether in 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years. If you jump on the scale every minute, you'll be constantly stressed and often disappointed. Instead, just visit the scale every so often, when you feel like it , not because you have to. You'll probably get used to your new lifestyle, and one day you'll notice something like your pants feeling loose. or finding it easier to get in and out of the car. Then you can go to the scale, and probably be pleasantly surprised.

Yes, I know that this can be really hard for some people and some have much more willpower than others. But please, try these simple ideas first. Give them time and don't pressure yourself, and don't let others do so either. You will lose weight and eventually both you and everyone else will notice. And it may even seem effortless!

Good Luck!



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